Old But Not Forgotten

I can’t recall where this was…

I am one of those rare birds who not only shoot in digital but also still shoot with film. So, when I started gathering rolls to develop I also realized I had some old rolls I never developed. The picture above was one of the old ones so I can’t recall where this was taken. I love the geometrics of it. Circles, triangles and squares always intrigue me. Here are a few more.

Inside an Indian hut at Manteo
The time of day you shoot roses makes a difference…

Replicas of history…

Like me, a little withered and worn but still has value.
Who would have thouht a tower could make such a statement…

Just because things or processes are old doesn’t mean they can’t work. I really miss developing film. There is something about watching that picture develop before your eyes that is always Intriguing. I still shoot in film because you just can’t duplicate the quality. I shoot in digital because it is sometimes quicker, not because it is better.

Point N Shoot has never been my thing. I like detail and sometimes the mystery that can be found in a photo. What is the real difference between film and digital you ask other than the equipment? The difference is with film you are actually getting a true copy of the image you see, with digital you are getting only a computer generated copy of the imager. Which is more correct? The true film image.

Yes shooting with film is more costly these days, but if you want quality, it is worth it.

Happy shooting!

Author: throughmyeyes720

I love art, especially photography and painting. My next addition is crafts or primarily needlecrafts. And as if that was not enough, I am a genealogist.

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