Women Of The Bible – II


There were many women in the Bible that followed Eve. There was Eve’s daughter-in-law, Cain’s wife who was of so little importance she is actually unnamed in the Bible. So Eve’s great great great grandson was Lamech. Well as some men were in that day, Lamech decided he was not satisfied with one wife so he chose two. The first wife was Ada and the second Zillah. Ada bore sons while Zillah bore and son and a daughter named Naamah.

During this time Eve continued to bear children. Think about it now, seven generations later she was still bearing children. Adam lived 930 years but there is no mention of how old Eve was when she died. In fact, the early chapters of Genesis mentioned few women by name. It is not until chapter 11 of Genesis that we see another wife named. This is the wife of Abram who was a decendant of Noah. Her name was Sarai. Along with Sarai is mentioned Nahor’s wife Milcah. Other than to mention that Sarai was beautiful but barren there is little else mentioned of these two women until Sarai meets Hagar. We all know how this story goes.

Sarai (Sarah) goes on to give the maid Hagar to Abram because she felt so inadequate that she bore him no children. When she sees that Hagar is pregnant she becomes angry. Hagar gave birth to a son, Ishmael. Sarah tolerated Hagar and her son. When she and Abram became advanced in years, The Lord spoke to them separately and announced that Sarah would bear a son. Sarah found it unbelievable that God would favor her in her advanced years with a child. She did in fact become pregnant and bore a son named Isaac

After the birth of Isaac Sarah saw no further need for Hagar and her son. She pleaded with Abraham to cast them out which he did. Isaac grew and this was the child that God asked to be placed as a burnt offering. This was a test of faith for Abraham. Sarah was unaware that this event was taking place. Sarah raised Isaac and rejoice at this opportuity for motherhood. She lived 127 years.

Now what does all this tell us about Sarai (Sarah)? She was beautiful but barren when Abraham married her. She was faithful to God and to Abraham. She made the ultimate sacrifice as a wife and gave her husband to another woman. She followed God’s commands even when she did not fully understand them but was rewarded in her old age with the child of her dreams. She exhibited strength, tolerance and loyalty. Could you have been as strong as Sarah?

You see where I am going with this. While not all of the women were strong, Eve and Sarah were.

References: The Bible and Collector’s CBC Edition Women Of The Bible

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