Photography Sampler

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. My time has been tied up with home renovation and fall cleaning. While cleaning I stumbled upon some pictures stashed in a container I had forgotten about.

This is a mixture of different types of photos, hope you enjoy.

Does he look like me?
One of the weddng photos I shot.
Now this one is really old. A few old rusty cowboys at Ghost Town!
A special moment. This was part of a maternity package I shot in b&w.
Cowboy up! We used to love to go to rodeos where bullriding was the highlight!
Surf’s up! I am not really a beach kind of girl but love action shots.
This is a nice calming shot.
For whatever reason, I have always been facinated by statues. Check out the face, while we may be wearing masks on the lower half of our face she looks like she is wearing one on the top half of hers.
These were the bikes of me and my two sisters. Over the years they just got tangled up in the weeds of our orchard.

Thanks for taking this short journey with me. These are not my best shots but probably some of the more unique. It is not as important what you shoot as it is how you shoot it!

Happy shooting!

Author: throughmyeyes720

I love art, especially photography and painting. My next addition is crafts or primarily needlecrafts. And as if that was not enough, I am a genealogist.

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