Pen To Paper

I started writing many years ago. During times of stress I wrote more and usually better. When words escaped me I learned not to force them.

In 1994 when my husband and I were on the way to Nashville to do a TV show, I reached into my purse for something and found a piece of paper with a few sentences scribbled on it. I grabbed an ink pen and was motivated to add words on the wrinkled piece of paper. That piece of paper became my first song.

While any dreams of singing fell by the wayside as I pursued other interests, I often think back to that day when I was first inspired to write.

While I never had enough interest to record any of them, I wrote 56 song lyrics after that. They are in a collection at the Library of Congress. While I enjoyed writing the lyrics composing the music was something I simply didn’t have time for.

I am currently writing e-books which is more suitable to me. Currently for sale on the Barnes & Noble website is my first novella. Hope you will check it out here. Novellas are short and easy to read. Maybe one day I will complete that BEST SELLER but for now I am happy just to finish something.

I would appreciate your support by purchasing my ebook.

Author: throughmyeyes720

I love art, especially photography and painting. My next addition is crafts or primarily needlecrafts. And as if that was not enough, I am a genealogist.

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