I am listening to Lady Soul by the Embers. Somehow it seems fitting to be listening to something old as my sister and I prepare to close today on the family home. While the music soothes my nerves it also reminds me of the good times my family and I had at the beach.

I can’t bring my parents back but I can remember the best of them. Lately with the state this world is in I have also been reminded of the values they taught me that other people don’t seem to have. While we did not always see eye-to-eye, we did always have respect for each other.

So today as we make an important step toward the closure of our parents’ estate, we will also find some closure ourselves. We have walked away from the homeplace feeling good that we “did right by them” as my Dad would say. While for the most part we have moved past the grief we can now move forward in our individual lives.

We will move forward and show the world that the best of us is yet to come!

God bless each and every one of you. The fact that you have tolerated my rants about life just makes you a part of my circle of friends. Thanks for reading and following me on my journey of life.

Author: throughmyeyes720

I love art, especially photography and painting. My next addition is crafts or primarily needlecrafts. And as if that was not enough, I am a genealogist.

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