Alphabet Challenge – I

Inspiration – something that moves you to take action.

What is your inspiration? What moves you and excites you to want more? First and always I am inspired by the word of God. It makes me want to be a better person. Music calms me when nothing else does. My sisters inspire me emotionally to love more. My charities inspire me to want to give more. Certainly my friends and acquaintances are always around to motivate me creatively.

If you don’t have any positive inspiration in your life maybe it is time for you to start looking for those things that can be a positive influence. It doesn’t have to be something earth shattering. It can be a person or a place, a song or a new hobby. It is about taking the negative from your life and replacing it with something that will fill your cup and not empty it!

Have a great and inspiring day!

Alphabet Challenge – H

Today’s word is harebrained. According to it means giddy or recklass.

This word reminds me of my recent trip to Atlantic City. While I am a true Virgo and love to observe people, sometimes you get more than you are prepared for.

It is not hard to find the “harebrained or absurd” anywhere. We arrived late to our room so we wasted no time getting into bed. My eyelids were almost at maximum closure when I was reawaken by a ruckus outside our door. Yes there was the “giddy” but also shouting, slamming of doors and running down the hall. It didn’t just go on for a few minutes, it went on for hours! I was just about to call security when I heard a stern voice and then silence. It appears we were not the only ones who had been disturbed.

There seems to be a common denominator with hatebrained individuals, lack of respect.. While I get they may have been having fun in that moment but they failed to think about how their actions would affect others.

We all want to enjoy life but make sure your activities and actions do not negatively impact others.

Before you fall into that “harebrained” category, you might want to think before you act.

Have an awesome weekend!

Alphabet Challenge – G


I’ve touched on this subject in an earlier post. I have been a Genealogist for more than thirty years. I can tell you it is not something you ever finish.

Now that I am advanced in years and have other hobbies, I don’t get a chance to really get my teeth into it. Yes I used Ancestry and other websites for years but last year when Ancestry went up on their rates I decided it was a good time to break that connection.

While searching online is easy the connections are often inaccurate and can throw entire limbs of your tree off. What online searches don’t show you is where the information comes from. You can download documents from some sites but you will not get everything you need from one source.

You have to think of it like a treasure hunt. When you find the first link it just opens up more questions. As bizzare as it may sound, I have walked many miles across many graveyards to fine that one name that creates a link.

Still confused? Let me draw this out for you. A link is a relationship associated with a name…. Jane Does, second great grandmother, maternal (great, great, grandmother on your mother’s side). You start with your parents and document all you know about them and then your grandparents and their parents.

I have had my hands on documents that were more than four hundred years old. At the moment I have some lines that cross the ocean and some lines that have people who suddenly disappear. It’s a constant mystery. There is always something else to search..

If you are interested in starting your own search I can promise you it will be worth the time you invest in it.

Have an awesome weekend. Jesus loves you!

Alphabet Challenge – F


Where are you in your journey with God? Are you just learning about him for the first time, maybe you are like some and show up for church on Sunday and call it a day. Maybe you are confused about the whole concept. Then there are the few that put in the work to really form a relationship with Him.

I’m not judging where you are at this point in life. We all have been where you are at one time or another. We all have questioned “is how I’m living my life good enough”. We all have called on Him in times of trouble or conflict and when we have been overcome with grief.

Faith begins with a seed. One tiny step forward. With only two words your journey can begin. I BELIEVE. There is no ticket to punch, no test to take, no river to cross!

Faith is everchanging and so are we. Like that favorite tomatoe plant you value you have to nurture it to make it grow. I am not at all an avid reader but I have read the Bible and other texts like books from the dead sea scrolls. I enjoy reading about the journeys of others. You never stop learning.

Faith is not something you can just say you have because like a fine wine it has to ripen over time. Look at the disciples they had little faith in the beginning but they studied from the Master. Jesus knew they where like little children in their faith. He spent endless hours teaching them.

Evaluate where you are in your journey. Yes, there will be times when you fall backwards. Dust yourself off and begin again.

Have a bountiful and blessed day in faith.

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Alphabet Challenge – E


I try to keep my posts as positive as possible. The more I age the more I see things on a different level. Some would just call it wisdom I guess but you are really elevated to a higher level of understanding. For instance, while my memory may not be as good as it was in my twenties my senses and awareness of what goes on around me are enhanced.

I have learned over the years that taking a more holistic approach to living has helped me to enjoy a less stressful life. My diet still needs tweaking but how I manage my physical and mental status has been less mainstream and more holistic.

Even if you don’t agree with a holistic lifestyle I encourage you to research the options that could enhance your life.

Here is just one of many sites that explained better what is involved in this lifestyle. No it is not gurus and insanity it is simply getting back to a natural state:

Just start reading and doing your own research your health and state of mind is worth it.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to put God first!

Just breathe….

Alphabet Challenge- D


My sister and I both love to just take off and randomly pick a destination to explore. While keeping it to a day’s ride, we don’t plan we just go. It’s not just the adventure of going somewhere new, it’s the freedom to be able to do it that is important.

On the day trips we explore new locations and sometimes new restaurants. Sometimes we shop, and sometimes we just stand in awe of what God has created.

On today’s day trip we set out to Fort Fisher, in particular the Aquarium. We arrive at the Aquarium only to be met with a sign “Reservations Required”. Who has ever made a reservation to any of the Aquariums – which is managed by your tax dollars? Since the parking lot was full we decided to do something else. Enroute to the Aquarium we had passed a beautiful location on the beach. We got out and took some shots of the beach and then went across the road to the actual fort. Despite the cloudy day I managed to get these shots.

Fort Fisher

Live life in the moment. Some things have to be planned but every now and then you just need to have an adventure!

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Alphabet Challenge – C

The word for today is calm. Anybody that knows me knows I am typically anything but calm. About twenty years ago I decided to train as a Doula. I received my certification after attending a workshop at the hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.

I worked in the Family Birth Center at our local hospital so becoming a Doula just seemed natural. The term “Doula” means working with women. It wasn’t the job I got paid to do but it was the one that satisfied me the most. I taught women a holistic approach to labor and delivery.

I could take a women that was hysterical and fighting labor and turn an otherwise risky labor into a beautiful and life-changing experience. Bringing a baby into the world through more calming techniques can improve the outcome for both Mom and Baby.

The techniques I learned also helped to calm my own issues with hyperactivity and anxiety. Here are just a few that you can do to be CALM.

1. Sit in a comfortable position (preferably the Lotus position) and with your eyes shut breathe in slowly to the count of 7 seconds and then release again to the count of 7 seconds, repeat 7 times. The number 7 is a spiritual number.

2. Try drinking herbal tea. Camomile tea is particularly good to induce sleep.

3. Visualization – close your eyes and think of a place that makes you calmer or it can even be a person.

4. Music has been proven to have a definite positive affect on the body. I not only am a musician but just generally enjoy music of different genres. Include music in your day even if it is only for five minutes.

These are just a few of the most calming techniques that can be used to improve your quality of life.

Thank you for being a part of my day. Don’t forget to forward this link to your friends. Have a wonderful day in the Lord.

Alphabet Challenge – B


It has often been said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I say beauty is much deeper than that.

It may be that as a photographer and artist I interpret things and people differently. While as a more “spiritual” person I try to see the best in people but sometimes the “ugly” is just too overwhelming.

That being said, let’s concentrate on the inner beauty. The reality is you can be the most physically beautiful person on the planet but if your personality is not equally pleasing I probably would not waste my time on you.

This week I was reminded of that when visiting a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She had lost her hair and wore a cute cap and her face was slightly swollen but it was the conversation we had that reminded me of the beautiful person she was inside.

The moral of this story… look past the packaging to find the real gift.

Remembering and praying for all cancer patients.

The Eyes of Life

Beauty is more than skin deep. Show someone your beauty.

Have a blessed day.

The Alphabet Challenge – A

To get me in the writing mood I decided to challenge myself by writing about a letter from the Alphabet. The logic behind that you ask, well as much as I would like to blog often I am easily distracted.

A as in apple.

This is the apple bread I made for Christmas. I have a nice bread maker but I prefer to make it the old-fashion way….by hand. Fortunately this recipe is not a yeast bread so you don’t have to spend a lot of time kneading the dough.

The recipe for this is not mine but you can download the “Kitchen Book” to get it. I rarely promote apps but I have to say I have really enjoyed this one. It is not just a collection of recipes but it sorts them into favorites and specialty diets like keto.

It’s no secret the apple bread is one of my favorites. I have always been fond of the Amish apple bread and this recipe is very close to that.

Come back soon to see what my next letter is about. God bless you and stay safe.

Making A Budget Friendly Meal

At a time when retailers are making it a marketing game against the general consumer you can still win.

My husband loves to eat out and I don’t like to cook but even with the skyrocketing prices it is cheaper and healthier to eat at home. Here is one meal you can fix at home for about ten bucks and still feed about four people.

Crock Pot Easy Fix

You can’t go wrong with this boneless Applewood Spiral Ham ($8.49 at Food Lion). Add red potatoes, apple slices and broccoli. I added just enough water to cook the veggies.

You can also still save at the checkout by using coupons. While coupons are limited most larger grocery chains have their own savings programs.

Stock up on staples that can be put in plastic containers for long term storage like flour, sugar, oatmeal, dried beans when they are on sale.

Make the most of reward programs…they do make a difference in the long run. Stay healthy and throw your savings into a jar for that special event or purchase.

Have a great day!