Feeling Thankful

As we approach Thanksgiving, I have no particular plans. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants so to speak and try to enjoy life as it comes. I used to enjoy the holidays but over the years a lot of my family members have passed away and it is just not the same. And yet, I find comfort in each passing day.

That being said I look at life not more seriously but appreciate even the smallest things. Even the quiet days have meaning. I appreciate that I am reasonably healthy but I won’t be running any marathons any time soon. I am quite satisfied to sit with a crochet hook in my hand or inspirational words from my Bible.

I no longer watch the news since it is full of garbage anyway but prefer cleaner shows like reruns of the Waltons that at least show the close ties of families that in some families no longer exists. I don’t dwell on the past but tend to accept what is. I always said I have no patience but God has certainly made sure I learned a few lessons in that.

Things may be getting worse in the world but staying calm and keeping sane is what is important. I put my faith above all things. The future will be according to God’s plan not my own.

All things considered I am grateful for the life I have. I have family I adore and friends I value. Overall I am blessed and thankful.

Have a wonderful holiday and be safe and healthy. God bless each and every one of you.

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Today in many areas the decision to vote is not just a process. Because of the events of the last few years it is time to take voting more serious.

Even though there is still a big question as to whether or not our votes will even count, its about taking part in the decision. Regardless of your party affiliation, it’s about choosing the right person for the job. Don’t choose people just because you know them, honestly choose people of high moral and ethical values. Choose people because they represent your opinions and views.

Over the last few years we have been tested and while most of us have not only survived we have become stronger. It is time to continue what our forefathers started, we have to set a positive example for our children and grandchildren. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and this is OUR country. Politicians work for us….we are not slaves to them! We have to return this country back to a peaceful place where ALL people have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

So today when you stand in that long line to vote think about why you are there and what your vote can really mean for this nation. It is your choice and more importantly YOUR RIGHT!

May God richly bless you and guide you this day.

Cotton Picking Times

Cotton has been grown in NC since before the American Revolution. As a society of blue jeans and quilts where would we be without cotton. Before the age of nylon and other man-made fabrics, cotton and wool were the soul sources for clothes except for fur. Even against some more popular fabrics trends, cotton as managed to survive. Here’s a brief look at cotton.

I’m sure you have seen cotton fields much like this one over the years but did you give any thought to where it went from here?

While these bales may not look like those your grandfather was used to, you will see planty of them sitting in the fields right now.

Rectangular bales sitting on the lot of the cotton gin.

After leaving the gin we stumbled onto a neighboring farm that had cows. How can you resist these cute faces.

The donkey protects the cows from coyote and other preditors.

Thank you for following me. So the next time you put on that new pair of jeans, remember their humble beginnings.

Apache Pier

On Friday we ventured out once again on what will probably be our last camping trip of the season. To keep expenses low I booked three nights at Apache Family Campground at Myrtle Beach, SC. While the campground proved to be less than desirable, we stuck it out. Our primary reason for this trip was to see The Oak Ridge Boys. Unlike the campground, they did not disappoint! Dispite their advanced age they were dynamic and brought back memories of their early years. Wish I could have gotten pictures of them.

Prior to the concert we took our dog Roco and went out onto the beach. It proved to be as good a backdrop as any to get a few shots. Hope you enjoy.

Apache Pier
Sand, Surf & Highrise

Roco checking out the beach.
Beneath the Apache in B&W

This is my favorite. Waves breaking under the pier.

I have lots more photos but they are similar to these. I like to take multiply shots of the same thing to create variety and to see any changes. Thanks for joining me on the beach.

Have a blessed day.

The Meaning Of Love

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not about romance or is it? When God created man I’m sure he had a lot of hopes and dreams for what man would accomplish. Imagine now the beautiful garden of eden and then there was man! God then realized man could not exist on his own so he yanked out a rib and created woman.

The woman was the opposite of man in areas that made them a perfect fit. This was no jigsaw puzzle but a creation of design. Then Eve screwed up and listened to the serpent who was also male. You got it, disaster struck! That was just the beginning of conflict between men and women.

Well man gets off scott free while woman is cursed with childbirth. While Eve became a devoted wife and mother she set the tone for the women that followed her in her faithfulness to God and her obedience to man. But you know the old saying “behind every good man is an even better woman” proved to to be true.

Despite the fact Eve made a terrible error in judgement, she proved to be a great example of love. That love was certainly tested when Able died. What was this thing called love that in a fleeting moment it could rip your heart to shreds. When her son Seth was born she again found that deep emotional love..

Through generations that followed women stayed in the background but were a driving force. Moses might not have ever gone to the mountain had his wife not encouraged him to draw closer to God…the Jews would still be in bondage without her. George Washington might not would have been the leader that he was had it not been for Martha. The deep emotion of love can be a beautiful foundation. Women have been the carriers of the torch of love but that doesn’t mean that men don’t feel love.

Some of the greatest musical scores were about love and were written by men. Women love long but men love hard.

These days that power and beauty of love is fading. The future of this country and our planet cannot continue to exist unless we go back to that one simple emotion and allow ourselves to love. The Bible puts it simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Make no mistake you are not always going to like the person next to you but you have to look past that and share a moment of love. It can be powerful!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

A Look At The Washington, NC Waterfront

I used to love to come to Washington when it was still a friendly town. On our recent camping trip to Goose Creek, we strolled into Washington with our little Roco for a morning adventure.

When we tried to walk past the Estuary Center we were met with large signs that read NO DOGS. It appears that when the yankees came in and built the condos they took away something precious, a valuable part of the waterfront. These condos not only have taken away a large section of the waterfront, it appears their owners don’t value life particularly canine life.

This really set a negative tone for the day but I do what I always do, try to turn the negatives into positives. Here are some pics from the section of waterfront that is still accessible.

Fish Bench
Condos encroaching on wetlands.
Love the boats.
This building is now a distillery.
More boats….
and more…
and then there were these guys….!

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me. Don’t forget to like and share this link with all your friends.

Have a blessed day.

Goose Creek Revisited

This week we got the opportunity to go back to Goose Creek State Park. We love this place. It is quiet with large sites and they have plenty of room between them.

If you like walking or biking the trails you will find plenty of them here.

Our site this trip was 22. It was the best site there the camp host told us. It was in a corner with only one campsite nearby and a cabin on the other side no.

Here are a few pics of our site.

Our little Roco loves camping.

Taking Time To Dance

As we all know the last few years have at best interrupted our lives. Thinking back before that though life was very hectic. People were racing to work, trying to squeeze in just one more activity and the end results being a catastrophic health event.

The mass confusion and insanity of Covid had its own casualties. One thing it did do was bring families together and for a moment in time the speedway of life slowed to a crawl.

Now that mandates have been lifted most people have gone back to work and some are working harder than ever because of the people who have chosen not to work.

What has changed? The way we look at lifestyle. Oh there will always be those who seem to enjoy a wreckless lifestyle but for most of us we have found greater value in living.

It’s important to do the things that must be done but it is also important to dance. I’m not necessarily talking about the physical dance. It’s about maintaining balance. If you are so stuck in a routine that there is no adventure in your life then you haven’t gotten it right yet.

What is the one thing you enjoy but have put on the back burner. What is that one place you always wanted to visit but you just couldn’t squeeze it into your schedule? Don’t use money as an excuse or the kids or the job….work it into your schedule now! It’s time to dance!

There is an old country song that says it best “I Hope You Dance”. Leeann Womack got it right when she sings this song as she explains why dancing is so important. I hope the rest of your life will be filled with adventure and not just the complexities of life.

I hope you take the time to 💃.

The Purge

Lately I have had the urge to purge unnecessary things from my life. While by no means am I a hoarder, without even thinking I tend to hold onto things longer than I should.

From old greeting cards to clothes that are older than I care to admit, its got to go. I am now choosing to keep only what I really need.

I have a thing about organization! It is not enough just to clean a room but it has to be organized or it just doesn’t make sense. If it is something I haven’t worn in the last year…it’s going out. I am an artist and crafter which also means I have a lot of supplies related to my hobbies. Even these may need to be purged to eliminate outdated or unusable items to make room for new ones.

Even my dog has a special area for his grooming supplies, toys, medical supplies and food. He has a toy box but like kids he just can’t seem to put his toys away!

With more renovations in my house that need to be done purging is not an option but a necessity. Every day it gets easier. After all, it’s just stuff!

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, I should be in line for sainthood soon. All kidding aside, it is not what you keep but what you get rid of that matters!

Have a great and productive day.

Getting Back To The Basics

Listening to someone new on my Amazon Music app, Iron And Wine, I couldn’t help but be transported back to a different time.

The song had a catchy title….something about being naked but don’t let that deter you from listening. Instrumentality it was mello and the lyrics made sense. The sound was soothing not unlike something I might would have listened to during the Woodstock era.

It made me appreciate once more the music of the past. You just don’t find artists or music like this anymore. This was refreshing. It took me back to my teenage years when unlike today there were moral boundaries. Life was simpler and people were actually happy. Yes, we loved to cruise around the hottest drive-ins and I even got caught coming home late on occasion but life had meaning.

It’s reflection on better times that will strengthen our desire to not just settle but to strive to get back some of the values we had back then.

Do I want to give up my new car or Wi Fi? Probably not but if it would mean we could live in a less violent world and a world that has a strong value system, then yes I would. Progress is not always in our best interest.

The last few years have more than ever shown that it’s not the wealth of this world that matters. We need to get back to the basics. It’s really simple, put God first. Next to God is family. God from the very beginning laid out a value system that works. LOVE

May God bless you abundantly.