Family Scrapbook Digging Those Roots – Genealogy Part II

This is a picture of my Mother in her earlier days.

When I become frustrated with life and bored with everything else, I turn to my roots. Digging up roots that is. After more than thirty years genealogy still holds my attention. It is a puzzle that never ends. Oh you can stop at any time…but you never really complete it because there is always birth….and death.

Here are some of my ancestor, some I remember and some were just pictures that were found after ancestors moved on.

Now just names on brittle tombstones that only leave a hint into the past.
A Will that closes out the life of my Paternal Grandmother’s ancestor.
My Maternal Grandfather and his second wife. His first wife died at age 40.
These are my Maternal Great Grandparents.

While cleaning out the family home after my Mother’s passing we found there were boxes and boxes of photographs. It will be quite an undertaking to go through and scan these photographs. They won’t all be scanned but the important ones will be.

Once scanned they will be added to my Ancestry page. Unfortunately not all of the photos have Identification which is vital in genealogy. When you find a photo that can be identified write on the back of it with an archival pen/marker the date if you know that it was taken and who the person is in it. This should really be done to all photos as you take them.

For your actual research, start with the birth and death certificates of your parents. If deceased you will also need a copy of their Will and Estate records if possible. Locate as much information as possible on them including Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Land Grants, Divorce records, Adoption records, Bastardy Bonds, Marriage Bonds, and the list goes on.

While sites like Ancestry and Family Search are great don’t just stop there. A lot of the sites are paid sites including Ancestry but you can find valuable information through non-paid sites like Welcome to Cyndi’s List ( which is a great site. This site has more than 300,000 links so you want to make use of this site. Not just American but also foreign links.

If you love puzzles you won’t find a greater puzzle than genealogy. If you need help getting started don’t hesitate to drop me a email with questions.

Have a great day.

Brush To Canvas

After a morning of tedious cleaning, I decided the best way to spend a Friday afternoon was to pick up a brush.

Mountains And Waterfalls

This painting depicts two of my favorite things…mountains and waterfalls. I guess my attraction to mountains stems from the fact that they are all unique. There are no two alike. The fun thing is if they are not perfect…it doesn’t matter.

Waterfalls on the other hand are more difficult. I have to stop and tell myself the same thing…they don’t have to be perfect but getting the right color and effect really tries my patience.

Hope you enjoy.

Waking Up To A Song

Have you ever woken up with a song in your head? Today I did. The song is Open The Eyes To My Heart.

If you open your heart to God, Amazing things happen. Through my lifetime I have seen many miracles. I have experienced extreme pain both physically and emotionally that only God could heal.

The Bible clearly tells us we have to humble ourselves before God. Like a little child learning to walk, our walk with God is ever growing. The depth of it is endless.

We are walking through days now that are very painful but God knows our every need and even though you may not see what he is doing, He is watching and waiting! The one thing that most people forget is “it has to be in God’s time”. It is so easy to ask “why”. Why did we have to go through the pandemic? Why is our world so broken? Why have so many people died? God did not cause these things…..MAN did! God did not cause you to lose your job. God did not cause the pandemic…man did. There are so many questions but the answer is the same…God did not do it…MAN did!

When you stop blaming God and start listening to him doors start opening. Can we undo the pandemic..NO but we can look at how it started and make changes. Is a vaccine the answer…NO because God in his infinite wisdom designed our bodies with an amazing immunity system. Can we right the wrongs of this country…it is possible but will take time. Again the answers will depend on where your heart is with God. God is the answer to all things not the cause.


You will be amazed at what happens when you do! Have a blessed day.

When Parents Die

As if burying a parent is not bad enough…. it doesn’t end there! It has been a year and a half since our mother passed. My sister and I have been trying to clear out the home that was our parents. When she passed we knew it would be a difficult task to settle their estate and then the fake pandemic happened. The country shut down…and fear eroded the lives of many.

While we struggled to maintain our sanity through this period it also grossly delayed the obvious…the sale of the family home. After the first six months into the pandemic we decided it was time to go into the home and start sorting through the large house the memories from the miscellaneous.

The first few trips to the house brought days of eliminating things of no value. Pretty sure the sanitation workers were pretty aggravated with us as we filled up container after container of bags of paperwork and items we had deemed worthless or unusable. It was difficult throwing anything out as I almost felt like I was violating the house in someway but then I would hear this little voice in my head from my Dad “if you can’t use it throw it out”.

We tried having several yard sales that yielded very little because the pandemic had made most people afraid to leave their homes. The existing members of the family had already made their selections among the furniture, household items, paintings and photographs and yet there was still a lot in the house.

After over a year of trying in vain to sell items from the home, we had my sister’s church pastor to come in and make his selection of items for a church yard sale…..still there was a lot left. The balance we are still having to deal with. I have stored the valuable antiques while my sister has had the task to moving the balance to an unoccupied house of another family farm.

We now have a buyer for the house and that in itself has not been pleasant either but it is allowing us to move forward. After meeting with our attorney, we now have more clarity of the process and feel good moving toward the closing of the house in a few weeks.

In talking with family and friends who have been through this process we quickly found our experience not to be much different from theirs. There have been times when we sat in the house and cried and other times when we could not stop laughing at some silly something that we had found like a wooden doll kit in the garage!

As difficult as it has been we have moved past the grief into a period of acceptance and are planning the rest of our lives and respecting the memory of our parents.

Have a blessed day.

A New Day

Despite the political nonsense, the violence and the fake covid…God always gives us a new day.

Every day brings more tribulations but if we stay focused and stay connected with our faith, we will survive.

We need to stop fighting among ourselves and unite together! The elite that have control of the world will easily lose control if we do. Negativity may hold us captive…..but it doesn’t have to! Individually we can set our own course to lead. Together we can set a course that will make God proud and clean up this world to make a better place for future generations.

Put not your faith in any man but in the holy trinity.

God bless you all and have a wonderful day.

First Flowers

I definitely do not have a green thumb but I love to see flowers grow. Here is what I have planted in the last week. The first two are different kinds of lillies and the last is a Dahlia.

Thankfully these are perennials so it is a “one and done” kind of planting. I am open to any suggestions on flower plantings. I am trying to plant more because we also have a few fruit trees that are in bad need of pollination.

Keep planting and keep smiling. God bless you all.

My Lens And Me

While I have not had a lot of time for photography lately, I still try to get in a few pics. It is the simple things in life that lead you to reflection.

A single turtle resting on a limb.

The catfish pond.
South end of pond.
A stray bird who has lost his way…
Last but certainly not least, the bells now sit silent after Sunday service.

Praying your day will be bountifully blessed!

Pet Massage

I should have done a video for this but while my Roco loves a massage he is also very hyper making him hard to photograph. I will try to give as much detail as possible.

Depending on the temperament of your dog, you should be able to massage from snout to tail. You can do it with the dog sitting or standing.

Starting with the snout, take your second finger and middle finger on each hand on each side of his nose and rub in a circular motion not pressing hard but just enough you feel the skin move slightly and you can feel the muscles throughout the body. Move down slowly toward the eyes. They love massage around the ears. Continue with the two fingers around the front of the ears while adding your thumb to massage the back of the ears.

Continuing with your entire hand open and fingers apart you are going to move each finger in a circular motion around the back of the neck and down the back working from the spine and down the sides.

Just a gentle rubbing of the tail is usually sufficient. Massage of chest and belly are optional.

These methods can also be adapted for your felines. For the same reasons humans enjoy massage it has health benefits to both you and your pet.

While Roco does have a Vet that he sees when necessary, I have found there are a lot of things I can manage myself and more naturally.

Too often I hear people say “they are just dogs”….careful that “just a dog” might just save your life one day so give him a little respect.