Pen To Paper

I started writing many years ago. During times of stress I wrote more and usually better. When words escaped me I learned not to force them.

In 1994 when my husband and I were on the way to Nashville to do a TV show, I reached into my purse for something and found a piece of paper with a few sentences scribbled on it. I grabbed an ink pen and was motivated to add words on the wrinkled piece of paper. That piece of paper became my first song.

While any dreams of singing fell by the wayside as I pursued other interests, I often think back to that day when I was first inspired to write.

While I never had enough interest to record any of them, I wrote 56 song lyrics after that. They are in a collection at the Library of Congress. While I enjoyed writing the lyrics composing the music was something I simply didn’t have time for.

I am currently writing e-books which is more suitable to me. Currently for sale on the Barnes & Noble website is my first novella. Hope you will check it out here. Novellas are short and easy to read. Maybe one day I will complete that BEST SELLER but for now I am happy just to finish something.

I would appreciate your support by purchasing my ebook.

Gardening 3

Well these little guys seem to be growing faster now. The tops are filling our so fast they are top heavy.

I took pieces of yarn and wrapped around the stalks and a popscicle stick to keep them from falling over.

As soon as the stalks get a little stronger they will be ready to transplant.

Thanks for following my garden and have a blessed day.

A Cloudy Sunday Morning

My husband hollored at me from the back door….

I had not been up long. My husband opened the back door to let the dog out and yelled “you should take a picture of this”. So I grabbed my camera and went to the back door. The fog was so dense all I could see clearly was the end of my yard. I went to the back of my lot to get this shot.

This is on the opposite side of my yard. Weather conditions are great for creating a delusion. Looking at this shot don’t you feel like the world just ends at the horizon.

Even in questionable or bad conditions you can get decent shots. I have gotten out in the rain, snow and even during the eye of a hurricane to get that one shot that might have a little something different.

Happy shooting and God richly bless you this day.

Behind The Cover

In fragile condiiton, it still holds the key to the world.

While at one time the cover on this book was very detailed, but now as all things age it is slowly turning to dust! You note there is no title on the cover. Do you know what it is? I purchased this book at an auction probably 25 years ago. It was in fragile condition even then. I have pulled it off my shelf over the years and moved it about my house. Today when I was moved to open it I was shocked at how much it had deteriated.

I am a collector of many things one of which is Bibles. Yes this is an antique Bible. I took a few pictures from its pages before it can no longer be open. Even if you are not a believer I encourage every single person to read a Bible of your choice. Within its pages are stories of not just God and his son Jesus but also great historical events. The Bible is a history book and one that as of yet cannot be disputed. Here are the unique things about this particular Bible:

This was found just inside the book.
This was written by the receiver of the book which gives you a clue as to its age.
Because of its age all of the pictures are black and white and very detailed.
This shows the actual date of 1844. Yes it is 177 years old.

While this book never belonged in my family I have tried at times to locate any descendent of the family without success. I am a lover of antiques but more importantly I am a lover of the Bible.

Have a blessed day.

Pet Crafting 2

I always wanted to see what my little guy “Rocoe” would look like in a bow-tie. Here’s my version.

While Rocoe doesn’t like to have his picture taken, today he proved to be a great model.

If you love to crochet this is very easy. You first need to know your dog’s neck size. Then with a G hook half double crochet the band with 4 stitches across. You can do the band in one length or do two half lengths and add velcro. For the bow make two short lengths (I did the bow in a contrasting color to make it “pop”.) one at least 4″ and stitch end to end. The other a longer piece to make the actual bow part 6″ or longer or to desired length. Stitch the longer piece toghether first then place the 4″ band around the longer piece and the neckband. Walla! You now have a neckband bow-tie!

Hope you enjoyed this crafting tip!

Birds, Birds & More Birds

I am not a bird expert by any means. In the last week particularly the last few days, we have seen a large amount of black birds with a green tint to their heads. They may be what we cautiously in the south refer to as “snow birds”. I could not get a clear picture of them as they are very sensitive. But you will see what I mean in these pics:

The sun kind of got in my way but you can at least get an idea of how many there are.

There were easily a hundred or more. They were flying from tree to tree throughout the neighborhood. While these are black birds, a few days ago I looked out my window to see my back yard covered in robins!

I am a firm believer that God sends us signs through nature. Something big is about to happen. I don’t just think they are anxious for spring. I have never seen this kind of bird activity before.

I would love to here your feedback of these birds and why they have suddenly made an appearance.

Have a blessed day.

Gardening 2

Tomatoes 2021

While these are the same plants I showed you weeks ago, they are still kind of spindly looking but are about 4″ tall now. The biggest change I have seen in the last week are the leaves that have now grown out of the top. They fall and bend depending on how they are following the sunlight out of my office window.

I am not an avid gardener. I was always a career person so things like gardening escaped me. While I have somewhat had an interest in seeing things grow, I was never good at making things grow. I’d plant flowers and they’d die. That being said, last year was my first successful garden experience using raised beds.

Now more than ever it is important to grow our own food as both our government and the environment become more unstable. It actually takes very little space. With only two healthy tomato plants you could feed yourself quite nicely through the summer. With six or more you could can or freeze them to get your through the winter months.

I guess I was always intimidated by the amount of time I thought it would take to maintain a garden but it is really doesn’t take as much time as I would have thought. Watering a few minutes morning and evening, keeping weeds out as they grow and wait for the bountiful harvest. I still have squash and cucumbers in my freezer from last year.

A little time, a little patience and you could be eating like a Queen. Happy gardening!


While you may not agree with my views on things, I appreciate each one of my followers.

No it is not finished yet.

I started this painting to represent both the past and the present. Not unlike most Americans I have a number of ancestrial links to the Civil War. Unlike some I am very proud of these ancestors. Most of them lost their lives not fighting for slavery as some are misled to believe but to simply maintain control of their own land.

You need to realize that during that time period they had been fighting for years prior to the war. The slaves benefited from the war but they were not the reason it occurred. In fact most slaves were freed prior to the start of the war.

Now we all know that the act of slavery was something this country should have never gotten involved it. And you can thank not Americans but the British for that! The fact is there was not enough manpower for the large plantations and farms to continue to operate. Slavery was seen as a solution to a problem. They never set out to destroy another race. It became evident very quickly that you were either a slave or a slave owner. Here are a few little known facts… 1. While most people assume that all slaves were black, that also is not true. There were white slaves often referred to in Wills as Indentured Servants. 2. There were black slave owners of black slaves. There were not many but they did exists. 3. Were slaves mistreated….in some cases yes but in other cases they were well respected by their owners. Most earned their freedom on their own. In my family tree there were both white slaves and slave owners and I am not ashamed of either.

The disgust over our monuments being destroyed is warranted. When you erect a statue to a common criminal but destroy monuments to fallen heros that just shows how far our society has fallen from reality.

Every race, every society has the right to celebrate their history. There is always some good and bad in every society. While this country has fallen on its knees it doesn’t mean that we cannot get back up.

It is time to unite our past with our present and allow that knowledge to make us stronger. We do still have an opportunity to make this country great again!

It starts with the simplicity of love and respect for all of mankind.

More Archive Photos

Well, for more than a week now we have had nothing but rain and more in the forecast. You know what that does for your ability to get in any photography. So, here are more from my archive file.

A rose has long been a symbol of love but its fragrance is equally desirable. It petals can be used for everything from crafts to teas.
I am not much of a beach person now, mainly because I spent so much time at the beach when I was younger. This was something I did capture on one of my rare trips.
As I have stated many times, I am a waterfall addict. I have shot mere trickles and triple falls. If it has water running through it, I will probably shoot it.
As much as I love flowers, I really don’t shoot that many of them. I guess it is the fact that I don’t like the mundane. I really have to get that unique shot for it to appeal to me.
Here’s another waterfall. The water itself was not that impressive but it was very high. If you are into waterfalls here are some you should check out: NC – Dupont Forest, Hooker Falls, Triple Falls & High Falls; Kentucky – Cumberland Falls; Virginia – Cranberry Falls.

Thank you for taking this adventure with me. Even if the weather is crappy outside, let the sunshine in your heart. Have a great day.

Painting Through My Eyes

This rainy afternoon I decided to hide in my studio to do some painting. I am sure some people will say “what were you thinking”? So….I decided to also include what I was thinking at the time. These are not finished pieces.

My main focus today was on my faith so I started the face of Christ.

The Teacher

We are living in such a terrible time….I try to reflect on things more positive.

Waste Art – Baloons

I don’t put a lot of thought into my waste canvas art…I just do! With free flowing movement I ended up with balloons. My pallet is empty now…but these will give me something to finish in my next session.

Painting is a great way to relax, do something positive and make the long days go by faster.

Hope you have enjoyed this afternoon in my studio.

Keep your Bible open….the words within will enlighten you.