While I am putting the finishing strokes on this painting it leads me to think about what its title means.

Freedom is a term we use loosely but seldom really think about. More and more our “freedoms” have been taken away from us. In just a few months we have lost a lot. The freedom to leave our homes, to conduct our businesses in a manner we see fit, to frequent our favirite restaurants in a comfortable manner, to be entertained, to be able to worship in the church of our choice, and last but not least the freedom to even bear our faces in public. The one choice I still have is the freedom to worship my God, I may not be able to attend church but I make sure church is where ever I am!

With the removal of honorable statues of those who fought so diligently what does that say about this nation! This is no longer a nation to be proud of! Only God can set this nation back on the right path

Take the time to think about your freedom or the lack of and pray for this broken country. We can stand united again but only if people stop being selfish and start being united in caring!!

This horse in his innocents is still able to move freely and enjoy life. Hopefully one day we will be able to do that as well.

A Little Sunday Creating

In addition to be a photographer, I have my hands in a lot of things. Needlework is just one of them. This is cross stitch. It is an early form of embroidery dating back to the 1600s. While then done on fine linen it is now done on fabric and canvas. I particularly love to work with Aida 14. The number 14 being the number of blocks per inch. Here is my latest creation along with a few more.

Garden Annie

While this little garden girl was done freehand, I also convert photographs for more complex projects. Here are just a few.

Prairie Girl

I scan the image into my cross stitch software to create the pattern for this pic. Merging the pic and the pattern together I create the complete pdf pattern that can be easily downloaded.

Elf Madness

At Christmas I sketched out this crazy pic and also created a cross stitch pattern from it.

From the patterns I frame some and make pillow covers from others. If you are interested in learning how to cross stitch you can email me for instructions or you can also find videos on YouTube.

I have the first pattern and others in my Etsy shop at

Hope you have enjoyed this little segment.

Needle And Yarn

I started doing needlework and crafts more than 40 years ago. A lot of the reason I started was to cope with divorce. My funds were limited. Over the years I found I could buy supplies at yard sales, flea markets, auctions and even habitat stores for a fraction of the retail cost. Here are some of the things I make.

Donation Hat
Lap Blanket
Yarn Doll

I realize the photos are not the best as they are from my phone.

Creativity and Crafting

My creativity is not limited to photography. Making sonething beautiful out of very little is what drives me. You don’t have to be an experienced crafter to do these projects. Being a crafter is very rewarder. While I don’t sell a lot, I enjoy it a lot.

This is cross stitch. This piece will soon become a pillow top

Below are some of the recent patterns I have created. You can purchase these in my Etsy Shop “FolkwaysCreations”.

Hope you have a great time stitching. The biggest reason I do cross stitch and other crafts is because it is a healthy way to relieve stress. Try a new craft project today. If you are a beginner, feel free to email me if you have questions.


A Beach Experience

Thousands of people each year flock to the beaches just to get a glimpse of the rolling waves, massive piers and calming sand dunes. The images below were shot several years ago. They are a reminder of calmer times.

A Pier Experience

While hundreds of people walk on these rough wooden planks daily to catch what lies beyond, others are satisfied just to relax in their shadow.

Fading Dunes

These sandy dunes are just an example of the deteriation of the beaches. While the Sea Oats fight to hold back each grain, beach traffic and harsh weather has taken it toll on the environment.

Sunrise At The Beach

Other than the tramatic sunsets, this image is a scene everyone would love to wake up to.

Our environment and lifestyle have deteriorated greately since these shots were taken. This is a reminder that we cannot afford to take even one moment for granted.

More Photography

Bonded Pair
Beside still waters….
Technique matters…

There are few boundaries on what I will shoot. I used to be a wedding photographer and did that for about seven years. I felt trapped and that my creativity was suffering. I quit after a client was taking too long to pay me because I was not only not enjoying it but got tired of the disrespect. I never had a single complaint and all my customers got perfect shots and lots of them.

Finally, after much deliberation, I quit! With frustration in my gut it was a while before I picked my camera back up again. When I did I began just shooting anything that attracted me, birds, houses, landscapes and waterfalls. The more I shot the more relaxed I became with it. Maybe it didn’t come with a paycheck, but I was finally happy with what I was shooting. Hope you enjoy my blog.

A House With No Name

A house with no name in days of old could tell many tales or full of lost souls. Its windows are broken and its doors have lost its charm, its broken floor could cause harm.

And yet you can imagine amidst the dust and wethered boards an untold story of working hands on piles of wood cords.

The story we may not know but it is not quite at the end for this house is still standing just ahead around the bend.

A Black And White Moment

As a professional photographer, you learn to adapt to equipment changes and processes. One thing I have always loved is black and white shots. Even the most boring subjects seem to come alive in detail.

While I was doing my training and yes, shooting with a manual 35mm camera, my most enjoyable moments were in the darkroom developing my prints. Most photographers now can’t comprehend the difference between film and digital. The difference in quality is simply this; in film photography the camera sees and prints and exact copy of the image you have taken, in digital you are simply getting a computerized interpretation which limits quality. There is nothing in shooting digitally than can compare to watching your own prints come alive right before your eyes. Seeing the images appear in an otherwise blank piece of paper is simply amazing. I still shoot use these cameras and just sent off a number of rolls so I will post some of the pics from those when I get them.

In the meantime, here is my most recent black and white print. I simply call it “Among The Lillies”.

Among The Lillies

Finding Roots

Yes, you guessed it the above picture features some of my ancestors. The lady in the picture is my 1st great grandmother on my father’s side. The gentleman behind her is her husband and the gentleman on the left is his brother.

I have been doing geneology research more than thirty years. Doing so, I have walked over many graveyards and ran my eyes over thousands of documents long before “Ancestry” and the other popular geneology websites ever existed. There was a lot of work involved when I first started. My then 85 year old grandmother worked right beside me most days.

I have ancestors who were active in most of the wars. Some survived, most did not. The women of these soldiers were home not only running the household but also farms and businesses.

If you are interested in finding your ancestors, begin with yourself and go through legal and family documents that you may have. Document all the data you find and copy important documents. You can start with the LDS website which is absolutely free:

I will caution you, only go by the actual documents on the websites. While the family histories are helpful they do not necessarily contain acurate links. Genealogy is a wonderful adventure that never ends. Have fun with it.