The Elusive Dragonfly

I have always been facinated by the dragonfly. They are colorful and fast but more importantly a symbol of peace and prosperity. Some years ago I was able to get a shot of one of these special creatures.

The peacemaker.

While he nestled quietly on top of an unopened day lilly, all seemed to be right in his world. Yes, this was shot with a film camera. A Canon AE1 to be exact with a micro lens.

We should all be like the dragonfly and seek to find peace not violence and destruction.

Peace be to you all.

Photography Sampler

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. My time has been tied up with home renovation and fall cleaning. While cleaning I stumbled upon some pictures stashed in a container I had forgotten about.

This is a mixture of different types of photos, hope you enjoy.

Does he look like me?
One of the weddng photos I shot.
Now this one is really old. A few old rusty cowboys at Ghost Town!
A special moment. This was part of a maternity package I shot in b&w.
Cowboy up! We used to love to go to rodeos where bullriding was the highlight!
Surf’s up! I am not really a beach kind of girl but love action shots.
This is a nice calming shot.
For whatever reason, I have always been facinated by statues. Check out the face, while we may be wearing masks on the lower half of our face she looks like she is wearing one on the top half of hers.
These were the bikes of me and my two sisters. Over the years they just got tangled up in the weeds of our orchard.

Thanks for taking this short journey with me. These are not my best shots but probably some of the more unique. It is not as important what you shoot as it is how you shoot it!

Happy shooting!

Photography And Nature

While I love things that are complex, there are times when I just want to shoot something that is natural.

Nature’s Hand

This is a Cypress Knee. They are a natural oddity that are usually found on river banks. I love photographing them because they are like people, there are no two alike.

I call this Nature’s Hand because if you look closely it has five fingers and the “thumb” in the foreground look like it has a fingernail.

When you are shooting look for things that appear to be something they are not. I have shot a lot of trees, tree roots, stumps and other oddities of nature. Insects, dragonflies and other creatures can also make interesting artwork.

So get out those cameras people and get shooting.

Footprints In The sand

The Barn Quilt Trail

I have always had an interest in barn quilts. A few years ago I started photographing barn quilts on both the western end and eastern end of the trail.

For those who are not familiar with barn quilts, they were original placed on barns as a sign of welcome and friendship. They have since been recognized as pieces of art.

Western Carolina – Marion/Flatrock Area

Most barn quilts like these are patterned after traditional quilt blocks. Most are constructed of plywood or sometimes barn wood.
Some like these are very whimsical.
While others display information or lifestyles.
There are those that relate to the type of business like these ice cream cones that referenced an ice cream shop that was also housed in this building.
This one captured a moment in time.

These guitars quickly let visitors know where the local music shop was.

Eastern North Carolina – Martin County

This was in a campground.

Thank you for taking this journey with me on the Barn Quilt Trail.

Creating Art & Crafts

I guess I am a strange duck, so to speak, but it is not unusual for me to take something that would be considered a craft and make art out of it.

Hillbilly Madness

I purchased this toilet tissue holder last night at an auction. It was very plain and I just knew I had to give it a new life. To me a house should not be just a house but a structure that should contain pieces that give it character. While I love painting in the traditional sense, I also like doing things like this.

This piece after being stained will be a conversation piece in my guest bathroom.

When you are painting it is sometimes easy to get “stuck in a rut”. It is always good to experiment with different projects and differrent styles. I have been painting a long time but still learn something new when I watch other artists.

Expand your horizon and reach for the stars or even paint a few. Have a great day.

Wasting And Creating

It’s not just important how you paint but what you do after you finish a painting. Before I even clean up my workspace, I clean up my palette. Any unused paint is applied to a new canvas, not that it is saving it but it is not at least wasted on your palette. Sometimes I don’t have enough to create another painting but sometimes the waste turns into something like these.

Created from several palette clean ups.

After one clean up…this is an 8×10 canvas.

Another tip, if you are on a tight budget like me you can sometimes buy paint, brushes and even canvases at yard sales and auctions. While higher quality brushes in particular are worth the money, it doesn’t always fit my pocketbook.

Happy painting!

In The Gallery

As an artist I guess I am more critical of my work than anyone else. I have been very hesitant to put my work up for sale for that reason but here goes…


I think I have posted this piece to show before. This work is acrylic on canvas board. Unframed it is $75 + shipping. This is a 16×20 canvas size.

Mill Reflections

This work is acrylic on canvas. Canvas size is 16×20. Unframed it is $100 + shipping.

While I don’t consider myself to be a perfect painter, I do put a lot of effort into a painting. You can also go to my facebook page, Sue G. Heath Gallery. Come back often to see what I am working on.

Have a great day.