Camping – Today’s Report Part 2

Well it was cool here this morning so we got a late start venturing out. Limiting our outings because of the limited gas supply but still enjoying our time away.

Tried to go fishing at Lake Wilson but fish did not cooperate still we had a fun time here. Beautiful little spot God created here. Here are the pics of Lake Wilson:

There were quite a few people here just walking around the lake.

Continue to follow our camping journeys. Have a great day.

First Camping Trip of 2021 – Part 1

While Covid has kept us in lockdown it has also taken us some time to make some necessary repairs. Because we had also had to make some repairs to our truck we decided to make our first trip out fairly close by to make sure we felt comfortable with the repairs that had been made.

Venturing out only a little over thirty miles from home it was still far enough from home to satisfy our need to “get away”. Here are a few pics from our trip so far:

Duck pond at our campground – Kampers Lodge, Wilson NC
Donkies on the grounds – we enjoyed these little creatures. They were very sweet and warmed up to us quickly.
Even Roco enjoyed the Donkies. It was nice that they were so close by, it gave us a reason to get out and walk.

Kampers Lodge may not be fancy enough to suit some people but has given us everything we need. It is quite, the camp host are absolutely great and of course the price is right!

Keep watching for more of our camping adventures. Don’t let Covid or any of the issues of this country keep you from having the time of your life. Live life to the fullest. Have a great day.

And The Water Came….

After the recent flooding at Hiddenite Campground that claimed five lives, I was moved. As an avid camper myself I love to camp out beside the river and mountain streams. It is always very peaceful. Campers were not advised of the potential flooding and a peaceful situation quickly turned tragic.

In my hometown we currently have flooding and it will give you some idea of what it might have looked like at Hiddenite.

See the Chicken at the right of the frame… that is at the edge of the playground.
This is the playground.
To the left of the screen is a campground under water.
See the red signs in the middle, they are stop signs for the road that is flooded.
Trees that stand in awe of the water around them.
This is at the wildlife access. The sign on the right stands before you would normally access the river. The water in front of it is the parking lot.

Don’t take anything for granted when you are around rising water. The campground at Hiddenite should have closed prior to the flooding but it didn’t. The lost lives included a one year old child.

Be safe!

Mountain Journey Continued

This was the little cabin we stayed in.

Our journey this week began in this little cabin at Mountainside Cabins. We normally travel in an RV but when our refrigerator died, we decided to rent this little cabin instead of waiting to repair our fridge.

Our pathway to adventure.

This one-lane road, which proved to be one of many, lead us up a mile to our cabin. Along the way were these colorful trees along with christmas trees on the side.

This was one of the larger cabins.
It wasn’t hard at all to find christmas trees. They are already starting to cut them.
There were lots of ponds.
Views from Doughton Park Overlook
A view from the pond in front of our cabin.
No mountain trip is complete without a stream.
Hopefully I will get to pain this one sometime in the future.

Hope you enjoyed these few pictures of our mountain journey.

Oh and meet our furbaby Roco. He didn’t hesitate to claim the deck chair for his own.