Honoring Our Fallen

While I have been busy with crafts and other things, I have also pondered what to write about. I don’t like to just throw things into a blog but to find things meaningful to write about. Maybe I don’t write every day, sometimes not even every week, but I hope my few posts have meaning for you in some small way.

As you have seen in previous blogs I am a history buff. Yesterday I went and took a few pictures of our Confederate monument which our evil government moved from its original location so that it would not offend anyone. It offended me and hundreds of other loyal patriots that love this country. They stuck it out among trees away from public view. They have greatly dishonored those that this monument represent. It doesn’t represent any particular race, it represents the hard cold battle that was fought on our soil to maintain control of their land and their inheritance. I don’t care whether you think the war was right or wrong, just respect those who died that we might live!



The next time you see a civil war monument, don’t just turn you nose up at it and walk away…..take a moment and take it in and then research it. You just might learn something of value!

Have a great and blessed day.

PS I have visited many monuments and stood at the graves of great heros.

Precious Memories

While I get there are some people that don’t understand what the civil war was about…it had a purpose.

The remains of my father’s re-enactment uniform.

Slavery was never at the root of the war. It was all about power. Fortunately the slaves benefited from the war while countless farms fell to the yankees and thousands of homes destroyed.

To this day the Civil War is still regarded as the bloodiest war on American soil. Like my father, I respect all those who fought…both black and white. Many of my Confederate and Union ancestors lost their lives in the war. All of their blood ran red regardless of which side they fought on.

Regardless of your personal feelings about the war, it is time to show respect for all of the fallen of that war. We would do well to study their values and way of life.