Build A Blanket

Knit and crochet blanket.

I always have to have something in my hands. I started this last night. It is a good way to incorporate a multitude of different stitches. In the center is a 7″ granny square. At the top on the needle is afghan stitch. On the left and knitted is garter stitch. On the bottom and knitted is moss stitch. On the right and knitted is basket weave.

I started with granny square and then knitted the garter stitch and attached to the granny square. I then picked up stitches across both to do the moss stitch then worked around and picked up stitches on the right side to do the basket weave and finally the afghan stitch in like manner.

You can use any combination of stitches as long as your crochet and knitting needles are compatible and produce similar sized stitches.

When you get your desired width then just add strips on top and bottom to get desired length.

Happy stitching!

Strips are 4″ wide.

Christmas For Pets

You know I could not resist the temptation to create something for my dog, Rocoe. While it is not the best design I have come up with I did it in less than thirty minutes so what can you expect.

He was all snuggled up in his quilt when I disturbed him to try this on.
While he was less than excited about his new attachment, he tolerated his Mommie’s desire to be crafty.
His very large ears make it not easy to wear conventional hats.

While this was done in humor, do not forget your pets during Christmas. Provide them with an extra toys, snacks or even hats. Rocoe was very sleepy when he modeled this but was very cooperative.

Do something special for your pet today! They deserve your love and respect. In addition to the hat, Rocoe got lots of his favorite treat.

The Meaning Behind Gifts

Typically I am not very good at choosing gifts for other people. While I try to choose gifts that are unique I sometimes feel that is not enough. This year while so many thousands of people have been affected by the pandemic, I feel the choice of the gift could be very important and those people feel particularly pressured to provide gifts.

This year I chose to make my gifts, not for lack of money but more for meaning. So many times in the past I found myself buying just to check off a name on my list. This year I thought it was more important to really give a gift. Here is an example.

Gift of the Magi

When I made this earring I made it in a simple design but the colors I chose were the colors of the Magi’s gifts. The outer edge is gold, the lighter gold represents frankincense and the dark center is for Myrrh. When I gift this I will include a card explaining the colors.

With the complexities of this year, it will be nice to give the simple things like time, friendship, and most of all LOVE.

While wondering what to give your family and/or friends consider what you already have. While material things are nice, there are things you can give that you can’t buy.

Consider what you real gifts are and give those. For example if you are a photographer consider photographing a family that cannot afford to have their picture taken and gift them a photo that they will always cherish. The money you won’t make from it will gift you a memory as well. If you are a crafter, make a gift for a child or a single mom or a person in a nursing home that is shut in. The time you spend will be well worth it. Give a blessing and receive on in return.

The true gifts of the Magi: a baby could not use the physical gifts they brought but they brought the best that they had. Think about it when choosing gifts.

God bless you all.

Christmas Crafts 3

Beaded Ornament

This creation just flew into my head today. This is an octagon plastic canvas piece with various types of beads worked into it.

It is not perfect nor is it meant to be. You will need: beading wire, beading thread and beads of your choice mixing up sizes and shapes and needle nose pliers.

Starting at the first row closest to the outside, push up with threaded needle through the hole leaving about a 2″ tail to the back and form a knot with the thread in your right hand and the tail on the left. Continue up into next hole thread through a bead and back down to back (going up through one hole and back down through next). Continue working around until you close center. Knot at back and cut thread. You can glue a piece of felt on the back to hide your stitches.

For the hanger take a piece of beading wire or floral wire and with needle nose pliers roll one end to curve. Pull up through hole in a point in the canvas and close with pliers.

At the other end, form a Shepard’s hook and just create spirals for any remaining wire. You will still be able to see the canvas but will not be that noticeable compared to your design.

Hang on your tree. There are about 6 of the plastic canvas pieces in a package and they are not very expensive.

Happy beading.

Doll Crafting 2

In doll design you don’t have to be perfect but it helps to at least have a character in mind.

In making these dolls I don’t necessarily know what the doll will look like in the beginning. I typically begin to make the body by starting at the feet.

By the time I finish the head, I choose the yarn for the hair. In most cases after applying the hair I have an idea of how I want to design her clothes.

In the doll above after I found the yarn for the hair, I knew I wanted her to be playful. After all this world could definitely use more cheer.

The last step is to create the face. For me this is the hardest! She is not supposed to be perfect but the face is a point of connection (guess that is an ironic statement since we are faceless now). I try to be as careful as possible to give her character.

Happy crafting and God bless you.

Just About Gnomes

Redneck Gnome

Don’t ask me why but I have always been amused by these crazy creastures so I decided to make one for myself. While he wasn’t that difficult to create it took more time to write the pattern I think than to actually work him up.

If you would like to start creating you own designs but don’t know where to begin, first start with a sketch.

To get this pattern and more, visit my Etsy Shop (FolkwaysCreations) at

Thanks for stopping by.

Christmas Crafts 2

Oversized Coaster

Guess you never saw a star like this? Need somewhere to put those Santa cookies? This oversized coaster will accommodate a cup or saucer. It is worked on plastic canvas.

To start you will need five diamond plastic canvas pieces, a yarn needle and scissors.

This is what the canvas looks like.

Start at the top point with your needle threaded and push your needle up from the back and to the hole under it as shown above. Leaving about an inch or so of yarn at the end do not knot but pull it down in back of your work so that you are making your stitches over it. When you get to the end of the row drop down to the block on the next row and work up. Continue in pattern until diamond is covered. With last stitch completed on the back side stick your needle under the last two stitches worked and pull tight. Cut yarn.

To join: I actually joined these as I went so taking the next blank diamond line it up with the top points together. Working from the bottom up you are going to just make a whip stitch (going through stitch on one diamond and across to the same whole on the new diamond. When at the top you will be in position to begin as you did with the first diamond. Continue around completing and joining diamonds until yours looks like mine in the very first image above.

Edging: With white yarn begin by sticking your needle in the back of any block at the edge and whip stitch around. Tuck in your yarn in the back and cut.

This project is not real difficult but does require some time to do.

Happy stitching.

Christmas Crafting

Need a little something to add to your home made stockings or glue to your packages instead of bows. I have to admit though it is not one of my original ideas but it is so easy and cute I just had to share.

Mini Poinsettia

Take large rick rack (found in fabric stores and some craft stores) and measure 13 points and cut. With quilting or button thread start at the top of the first point and put your needle through that point and all 13 points. After going through the thirteenth point pull tight to gather, pull your thread to the back and knot but do not cut. Put your needle back through the center and string four white beads. Carry your needle back down through the center and tighten, knot and cut.

If you do not sew, you can make this using a glue gun. It just takes longer.

Happy Crafting

What Does Christmas Mean To You

This is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is just my first sketch.

Christmas is coming. As Christians we of course celebrate the birth of Christ and that should be our focus but right now I challenge all you artists, photographers and crafters to display what Christmas means to you.

I don’t want to leave anyone out. Whatever your religion or customs are show us how you celebrate. It can be events, decorations or other traditions.

As for me, I typically do not decorate very much and don’t do a tree. This year will be very different since my Mother passed. She died three days after Christmas and loved the holiday. When she was able I took her to a candle light service at church on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day she and my sisters and I would get together with our families, have lunch and open gifts and just spend quality time together.

Although this year will be different, my sisters and I will still get together and celebrate and honor her memory of Christmas. We will not let Covid or the government dictate how we celebrate.

Regardless of your beliefs or traditions, take the time to love and just be kind to others. You don’t have to like everyone you meet but just be kind and treat people the way you want to be treated.

I look forward to your Christmas blogs.

Be safe and God bless you all.

Doll Crafting

One of the crafts I enjoy doing is knitting and/or crocheting dolls. I don’t use a pattern. For the most part I just mold the body as I knit . The personality emerges as I create the face, which is not easy. I then think about what does she do or what gives her character and then design the clothes. Finally I design jewelry or other items that make the doll complete.

The Quilter

I find adding details are what make each doll more personal.