Painting Pooches!

Well this is a trial and error process as I have never painted that many dogs


This little guy named Oreo made a delightful impression on me recently. When his owner brought him to an auction we attend on Friday nights he just seemed to take to me. I took a few photos of him including the two above in hopes of being able to get enough details to paint him. Here is the result:

Dogs As Spirit Animals

Rocoe with his favorite toy.

I am a firm believer that God created all things with a purpose in mind and that certainly applies to dogs.

In the photo above my dog Rocoe is laying beside me and has cuddled himself with his duck in a bundle of blankets and a quilt. I don’t recall a day when I have thought of him as “just a dog”. He has always had a personality much bigger than his small body.

Dogs can be very sensitive to disease so after my husband was diagnosed a few years ago with mini strokes we set out to find a dog that was sensitive enough to warn us of such events. When we found Rocoe in a local animal shelter we knew he was special.

There are reasons why native americans reference animals to people. Certainly because of physical difference you would not think there would be a connection….clearly there is. If you look at the native american spirit chart you will find that the dog spirit represents protection and loyalty. Rocoe certainly proves that on a daily basis. While my spirit animal is actually the bear…Rocoe certainly acts like my spirit animal. He saved us from a fire just a few months after we got him and is very protective and loyal to a fault.

The Native americans valued all things and wasted nothing. We could learn a lot from them. Check out the spirit animal chart and see what animal you have a connection to!

Have a wonderful day!

Pet Crafting

Granny Sweater

While my little man Roco was not very cooperative and sat down on the job, he is very cold natured so I made this simple sweater for him. The back and sides are made of granny squares and half squares sew together and then added a rib neck and trim.

Don’t forget about your pets this winter. Roco is an indoor dog but if you have a dog that stays outside make sure you check on them often and bring indoors when the temperature gets too cold.

Thinking Naturally

About fifteen years ago I received my certification as a Doula (a professional advocate in natural childbirth). While I helped a number of families navigate through the natural delivery process, I didn’t realize how much I was helping myself.

While I still find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet, I slowly started changing the way I looked at things in my lifestyle. I was in a stressful job, my father was dying of cancer and the day-to-day struggles of life were overwhelming. I started applying some of the relaxation techniques and other natural theories to myself.

I trashed all over-the-counter medications and started researching natural alternatives. Even in the grocery stores, I began reading labels and opted for non GMO food products. You do not realize how many contaminates you eat daily. I don’t take any medications that are not prescribed and my physician understands my desire for natural substitutions when possible.

Am I healthier than I was before? Yes to some degree. That doesn’t mean I don’t have issues but I have healthier choices in how to handle them.

Start with the basics, the way you breathe. Sit in a comfortable chair, not a lounge chair guys, breathe in slowly for 7 seconds and exhale the same way and relax. Breathing with this method will not only relax you but benefits the lungs. Try this at least twice a day.

Meditation – I was never really a believer prior to my research but now I can say it is beneficial. Sit on the floor in a Lotus position (reference yoga position crossed legs) relax every muscle from your head to your toes. Next clear your mind of all negative thoughts. This is a great opportunity for prayer or music, whatever benefits you the most. I personally do both.

I even apply some of these techniques to my dog. He enjoys a good massage and I try to supplement healthier foods and snacks when possible.

These are just a few of many changes you can start for a healthier lifestyle. Have a great day.