Doll Crafting 2

In doll design you don’t have to be perfect but it helps to at least have a character in mind.

In making these dolls I don’t necessarily know what the doll will look like in the beginning. I typically begin to make the body by starting at the feet.

By the time I finish the head, I choose the yarn for the hair. In most cases after applying the hair I have an idea of how I want to design her clothes.

In the doll above after I found the yarn for the hair, I knew I wanted her to be playful. After all this world could definitely use more cheer.

The last step is to create the face. For me this is the hardest! She is not supposed to be perfect but the face is a point of connection (guess that is an ironic statement since we are faceless now). I try to be as careful as possible to give her character.

Happy crafting and God bless you.

Doll Crafting

One of the crafts I enjoy doing is knitting and/or crocheting dolls. I don’t use a pattern. For the most part I just mold the body as I knit . The personality emerges as I create the face, which is not easy. I then think about what does she do or what gives her character and then design the clothes. Finally I design jewelry or other items that make the doll complete.

The Quilter

I find adding details are what make each doll more personal.