Alphabet Challenge – L

Lascivious – If you are not familiar with this word it means of or characterized by lust. It is a good word to characterize our society don’t you think? The lascivious nature of this country is clearly seen in the media, in film, in music and in print.

The decline in moral values has escalated over the last sixty years. Our corrupt government took prayer out of schools and have tried to pour their own lascivious theories down the throats of our youth by gender confusion.

It may be old fashioned but there is a time and place to educate our youth. It is not by pushing homosexuality and transgenderism on them. Our youth have a right to free speech, a right to an appropriate education, a right to make choices at the appropriate time for their future.

This country has been thrown so far out of the moral orbit that only God himself can set it back on track. Our lives should not be filled with such nonsense. This country was founded on a strong moral and religious foundation. Enough is enough! It is time to right the wrong and stop the insanity. It will take each and every one of us. How, don’t be afraid to speak out at your school’s PTA and other school functions on important issue that affect your child.

No more censorship! Be a voice for our children. Be a protector for them. Be the first in a long line of moral structure. Stop the insanity!

Our young look up to us for guidance. Be that inspiration they need.

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