Flower Pot Crafting Part 1

What do you do on a hot Sunday afternoon… you create. I really wanted to make some yard art so here is what I am working on.

Laying the foundation.

We are making a knome mushroom house. Keep in mind these are the first stages so they are rough.

I am using a 10 inch flower pot and a drain pan large enough to extend out past the pot. You can get these from Michael’s or any garden supply.

Paint the pot with your desired base coat using either spray acrylic or you can hand paint like I am doing with artist acrylics. For the dots you can use any circular object and dip into the color you desire and use a rocking motion to make sure it makes a complete ring. Fill in with your artist brush to complete circle.

Make sure you fill in dots a second time allowing for drying time in between.

I have added the door and a knome beside the door. Continue to layer on paint until you are satisfied.

Sorry that is all for today but keep checking back for the final product.

Morning Delight

I have been waiting patiently for a particular lily in my yard to bloom. She has been watered and talked to and pampered more than any other plant in my yard. When my husband took the dog out this morning I heard him holler for me to come to the backyard. I threw on my clogs and out I went. He pointed to the particular lily in question. There she was…not partially open but in her full glory. Here are different shots of her for you to enjoy. Keep in mind this is a very large bloom approximately 6-8″ across.

Hope you enjoyed my morning delight. Have a wonderful day.

First Flowers

I definitely do not have a green thumb but I love to see flowers grow. Here is what I have planted in the last week. The first two are different kinds of lillies and the last is a Dahlia.

Thankfully these are perennials so it is a “one and done” kind of planting. I am open to any suggestions on flower plantings. I am trying to plant more because we also have a few fruit trees that are in bad need of pollination.

Keep planting and keep smiling. God bless you all.

Gardening 3

Well these little guys seem to be growing faster now. The tops are filling our so fast they are top heavy.

I took pieces of yarn and wrapped around the stalks and a popscicle stick to keep them from falling over.

As soon as the stalks get a little stronger they will be ready to transplant.

Thanks for following my garden and have a blessed day.

Gardening 2

Tomatoes 2021

While these are the same plants I showed you weeks ago, they are still kind of spindly looking but are about 4″ tall now. The biggest change I have seen in the last week are the leaves that have now grown out of the top. They fall and bend depending on how they are following the sunlight out of my office window.

I am not an avid gardener. I was always a career person so things like gardening escaped me. While I have somewhat had an interest in seeing things grow, I was never good at making things grow. I’d plant flowers and they’d die. That being said, last year was my first successful garden experience using raised beds.

Now more than ever it is important to grow our own food as both our government and the environment become more unstable. It actually takes very little space. With only two healthy tomato plants you could feed yourself quite nicely through the summer. With six or more you could can or freeze them to get your through the winter months.

I guess I was always intimidated by the amount of time I thought it would take to maintain a garden but it is really doesn’t take as much time as I would have thought. Watering a few minutes morning and evening, keeping weeds out as they grow and wait for the bountiful harvest. I still have squash and cucumbers in my freezer from last year.

A little time, a little patience and you could be eating like a Queen. Happy gardening!