Behind The Cover

In fragile condiiton, it still holds the key to the world.

While at one time the cover on this book was very detailed, but now as all things age it is slowly turning to dust! You note there is no title on the cover. Do you know what it is? I purchased this book at an auction probably 25 years ago. It was in fragile condition even then. I have pulled it off my shelf over the years and moved it about my house. Today when I was moved to open it I was shocked at how much it had deteriated.

I am a collector of many things one of which is Bibles. Yes this is an antique Bible. I took a few pictures from its pages before it can no longer be open. Even if you are not a believer I encourage every single person to read a Bible of your choice. Within its pages are stories of not just God and his son Jesus but also great historical events. The Bible is a history book and one that as of yet cannot be disputed. Here are the unique things about this particular Bible:

This was found just inside the book.
This was written by the receiver of the book which gives you a clue as to its age.
Because of its age all of the pictures are black and white and very detailed.
This shows the actual date of 1844. Yes it is 177 years old.

While this book never belonged in my family I have tried at times to locate any descendent of the family without success. I am a lover of antiques but more importantly I am a lover of the Bible.

Have a blessed day.


While you may not agree with my views on things, I appreciate each one of my followers.

No it is not finished yet.

I started this painting to represent both the past and the present. Not unlike most Americans I have a number of ancestrial links to the Civil War. Unlike some I am very proud of these ancestors. Most of them lost their lives not fighting for slavery as some are misled to believe but to simply maintain control of their own land.

You need to realize that during that time period they had been fighting for years prior to the war. The slaves benefited from the war but they were not the reason it occurred. In fact most slaves were freed prior to the start of the war.

Now we all know that the act of slavery was something this country should have never gotten involved it. And you can thank not Americans but the British for that! The fact is there was not enough manpower for the large plantations and farms to continue to operate. Slavery was seen as a solution to a problem. They never set out to destroy another race. It became evident very quickly that you were either a slave or a slave owner. Here are a few little known facts… 1. While most people assume that all slaves were black, that also is not true. There were white slaves often referred to in Wills as Indentured Servants. 2. There were black slave owners of black slaves. There were not many but they did exists. 3. Were slaves mistreated….in some cases yes but in other cases they were well respected by their owners. Most earned their freedom on their own. In my family tree there were both white slaves and slave owners and I am not ashamed of either.

The disgust over our monuments being destroyed is warranted. When you erect a statue to a common criminal but destroy monuments to fallen heros that just shows how far our society has fallen from reality.

Every race, every society has the right to celebrate their history. There is always some good and bad in every society. While this country has fallen on its knees it doesn’t mean that we cannot get back up.

It is time to unite our past with our present and allow that knowledge to make us stronger. We do still have an opportunity to make this country great again!

It starts with the simplicity of love and respect for all of mankind.

Digging Up Roots

While surfing Ancestry and other geneological sites to find documents like this, I am taken back to the days when my grandmother and I would pound the pavement for a chance to see the real documents.

While these sites do offer links and documents I don’t get the excitement that I did back in those days when I actually found the documents that linked another ancestor. You also have to be careful because if the links you find online are not substantiated by an actual document it is easy to connect a wrong link.

I know by the time I finish this paragraph you are going to think I am really wierd. My grandmother and my aunt and I would make long trips to graveyards in distant cities just for the opportunity to find that long lost connection, that one grave that would solve another link in the puzzle of life.

I cannot even tell you the hours we spent but it was like a junkie on crack! We could not wait until the next adventure. We made a lot of trips to the courthouses across the state and the North Carolina Archieves just to get a copy of a will, death certificate or marriage register. While yes you can do a lot of that online now it has taken the excitement out of genealogy and created more uncertainty about the information you are getting.

If you have never done your family tree

This is an adventure your whole family can get involved in. Don’t know how to start? Start with yourself at the base of the tree and work upwards and locate as much information as you can about each family member, then their children, grandchildren….you get the picture.

While we are spending so much time at home it is a great way to make your time at home count.

Happy rooting!