Alphabet Challenge – F


Where are you in your journey with God? Are you just learning about him for the first time, maybe you are like some and show up for church on Sunday and call it a day. Maybe you are confused about the whole concept. Then there are the few that put in the work to really form a relationship with Him.

I’m not judging where you are at this point in life. We all have been where you are at one time or another. We all have questioned “is how I’m living my life good enough”. We all have called on Him in times of trouble or conflict and when we have been overcome with grief.

Faith begins with a seed. One tiny step forward. With only two words your journey can begin. I BELIEVE. There is no ticket to punch, no test to take, no river to cross!

Faith is everchanging and so are we. Like that favorite tomatoe plant you value you have to nurture it to make it grow. I am not at all an avid reader but I have read the Bible and other texts like books from the dead sea scrolls. I enjoy reading about the journeys of others. You never stop learning.

Faith is not something you can just say you have because like a fine wine it has to ripen over time. Look at the disciples they had little faith in the beginning but they studied from the Master. Jesus knew they where like little children in their faith. He spent endless hours teaching them.

Evaluate where you are in your journey. Yes, there will be times when you fall backwards. Dust yourself off and begin again.

Have a bountiful and blessed day in faith.

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