My Lens And Me

While I have not had a lot of time for photography lately, I still try to get in a few pics. It is the simple things in life that lead you to reflection.

A single turtle resting on a limb.

The catfish pond.
South end of pond.
A stray bird who has lost his way…
Last but certainly not least, the bells now sit silent after Sunday service.

Praying your day will be bountifully blessed!

Black, White & More…a Sunday Venture

As much as we love to travel, now seems to be a difficult time to do that but we don’t let that deter us completely. Unplanned short trips sometimes reap the most rewards. Today we ventured out about forty minutes from our home to the Rock Ridge Community. Below are a few pics from our short adventure.

Home alone… this old structure while not fancy is still a reminder of a previous lifestyle. This was someone’s home.
While this may not look like much to the average eye, I love taking geometric shots. Look at the different lines and angles.
This old barn, while a little different, still made an interesting shot against the soft edge of the flowers on the fence.
A simple pathway can make for a tranquil setting. That is a stream in the background.
This may not be the best shot of the water but it is the overall look that caught my eye. I had to stand at the edge of the road so I could not get a better shot of the water itself. The one thing I value in photography is privacy and respect.
For those who prefer color, here are a few “green” shots.

Hope you enjoyed this journey with me. Don’t be afraid to step out and capture life. Have a great day.

In The Gallery

As an artist I guess I am more critical of my work than anyone else. I have been very hesitant to put my work up for sale for that reason but here goes…


I think I have posted this piece to show before. This work is acrylic on canvas board. Unframed it is $75 + shipping. This is a 16×20 canvas size.

Mill Reflections

This work is acrylic on canvas. Canvas size is 16×20. Unframed it is $100 + shipping.

While I don’t consider myself to be a perfect painter, I do put a lot of effort into a painting. You can also go to my facebook page, Sue G. Heath Gallery. Come back often to see what I am working on.

Have a great day.

Barn Mania

Tobacco Barn

Like most baby boomers, these structures covered in ivy green were once a vivid part of our youth! Since my grandfather owned a large farm, there were quite a few of these. They were tall and sturdy. They housed large burners that curred the tobacco. The guys would stand on the tier poles that ran horizontally across the barn to hang the tobacco sticks on the pole above them. The girls would loop the tobacco onto the stick and hand the sticks up to the first guy. While it was hard work, we still had fun.

There were several 🚜s on the farm. I learned to drive one at an early age. At that time I did not realize how beneficial that would be but proved to be when I started driving a car.

Prior to those nice tractors were the old mule and the old wooden wagon with rough hewn wheels that I could have sworn were square from the rough ride.

Here are more different types of barns:

This is the barn on my grandfather’s land. His old truck still sits there.
This is another barn on the same land.
This is one of the oldest I have found and it happens to be on the Quilt Trail.

More Photography

Bonded Pair
Beside still waters….
Technique matters…

There are few boundaries on what I will shoot. I used to be a wedding photographer and did that for about seven years. I felt trapped and that my creativity was suffering. I quit after a client was taking too long to pay me because I was not only not enjoying it but got tired of the disrespect. I never had a single complaint and all my customers got perfect shots and lots of them.

Finally, after much deliberation, I quit! With frustration in my gut it was a while before I picked my camera back up again. When I did I began just shooting anything that attracted me, birds, houses, landscapes and waterfalls. The more I shot the more relaxed I became with it. Maybe it didn’t come with a paycheck, but I was finally happy with what I was shooting. Hope you enjoy my blog.