When Notes Fly

There has always been music around me. When I was just a small child my father would wake me up singing things like “Wake Up Little Suzzie” or “You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog”. At the age of eight my parents made arrangements for my aunt to give me piano lessons. I drank up the lessons on notes like a wino devours his last bottle. It just wasn’t possible for me to get enough of it.

Unfortunately for me, the more time I spent on the piano the less time I spent on my studies. When my grades began to plummet, so did the lessons. To my parents way of thinking that was the quick fix to the problem. My grades only improved to a marginal level. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart or anything, but that I just got bored easily. Music for me was a calming tool that made all my thoughts come together.

The piano in our house sat idle, just there for me to look at. Not being allowed to play, I soon lost the desire to. Oh the notes rolled around in my head still but they no longer had meaning. Five years went by, I guess my parents finally figured out that without music I was nothing. On my thirteen birthday I was handed a very large box. It contained a guitar. A short time later my father took me to town for guitar lessons. It wasn’t the piano but my fingers seemed drawn to it. I played for the church youth group and for anyone who listened.

I had no desire to play professionally, but in 1995 my husband and I went to Nashville to do a TV show. While it was fun, that was all it was to me. Oh we talked to artists and producers and it became very apparent that talent had nothing to do with getting a record deal. By the time the producers, songwriters and managers get their cut there is little left for the artist. Not the kind of lifestyle I wanted.

At 69, I still play for church on occasion and senior citizen functions and that is just fine with me. The moral of this story is do what make you happy not necessarily what makes other people happy. If you make other people happy, that’s a bonus!

Thinking Naturally

About fifteen years ago I received my certification as a Doula (a professional advocate in natural childbirth). While I helped a number of families navigate through the natural delivery process, I didn’t realize how much I was helping myself.

While I still find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet, I slowly started changing the way I looked at things in my lifestyle. I was in a stressful job, my father was dying of cancer and the day-to-day struggles of life were overwhelming. I started applying some of the relaxation techniques and other natural theories to myself.

I trashed all over-the-counter medications and started researching natural alternatives. Even in the grocery stores, I began reading labels and opted for non GMO food products. You do not realize how many contaminates you eat daily. I don’t take any medications that are not prescribed and my physician understands my desire for natural substitutions when possible.

Am I healthier than I was before? Yes to some degree. That doesn’t mean I don’t have issues but I have healthier choices in how to handle them.

Start with the basics, the way you breathe. Sit in a comfortable chair, not a lounge chair guys, breathe in slowly for 7 seconds and exhale the same way and relax. Breathing with this method will not only relax you but benefits the lungs. Try this at least twice a day.

Meditation – I was never really a believer prior to my research but now I can say it is beneficial. Sit on the floor in a Lotus position (reference yoga position crossed legs) relax every muscle from your head to your toes. Next clear your mind of all negative thoughts. This is a great opportunity for prayer or music, whatever benefits you the most. I personally do both.

I even apply some of these techniques to my dog. He enjoys a good massage and I try to supplement healthier foods and snacks when possible.

These are just a few of many changes you can start for a healthier lifestyle. Have a great day.

Age – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

This month I am turning 69 and here are my thoughts about aging:

The Good… I don’t have to work again ever, unless I want to. I can sleep all day, drink more coffee, hang out with my dog and husband of 34 years. Say what I think regardless of what it is and not have to apologize for it…besides some nuts will just think I have altheimers, but I don’t. I get more discounts than ever which works for me because I love to save a dime.

The Bad – The budget keeps getting bigger while my social security stays the same. If the Democrats get in office Social Security will come to a screeching halt and I will just go flop my old fat fanny on Biden’s doorstep! While 69 isn’t all that bad it would be a heck of a lot worse if those numbers were in reverse!

The Ugly – While my boobs took a detour a few years back, I don’t have to care anymore whether they are up or down. When I walk now my hips don’t always agree on which way they want to go…..so I just play follow the leader and hope I don’t hit the pavement.

All joking aside, ever age has its good, bad and ugly. We have to meet each day with positivity and hold our head up. God Bless You All!