More Forgotten Photos

While cleaning out more space in my office I found another photo CD that I had apparently forgotten to transfer to my computer. These pictures were taken with my manual Canon AE1 so it had been a while since I had seen these.

I have photographed a lot of waterfalls. I think this is Hanging Rock.
From the landing walking down.
Mountain Flowers
A view from the mountain top.
Clouds starting to roll in.

Thank you for stopping by. God bless you all.

Welcome Surprises – When Missing Photos Appear

While I suddenly feel the need to purge a lot of things, I came across a Walmart CD that contained pictures. Of course I had to pop it into my drive to see exactly what was on it. It contained pictures of a friend’s children and horses that I took probably more than ten years ago. I will only show the horses and other pictures out of respect for their privacy.

Above picture is the top of Pilot Mountain and this is the view looking down.

Hope you enjoy. Funny how things appear just when you need something to write about.

God bless and have a great day.

And Then It Rained…

With the current drought even the thought of rain is pleasant. Today has been an on again off again rainy kind of day. In between showers I managed to get these few shots of my hydrangeas once again.

I acquired this “snowball bush” when my father passed away.
As you can see the blooms range from a deep blue violet to a lively pink.

Enjoy the rain. Things always seem more awake and greener.

Have a great day.

New York Symbols – Will The Truth Set You Free?

In viewing some of the old photo albums that my Mother had, I found the following two.

Twin Towers – I don’t know what year this was shot in. The picture was so faded it took some editing to even get it to this quality.

There will soon be a lot revealed about this world we live in. Things and people are definantly NOT the way we have seen them all our life. What really happened with the bombing of the Twin Towers. What you think you know and what was reported most likely is not what happened at all. Is the United States responsible for its own demise? Do your own research. We are so quick to blame others countries but is that really what happened? Even the History Channel has detailed information that implies that this country is its own worst enemy. It is time America started asking questions and started getting answers.

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty as well as many other monuments are in question. While this country has been so quick to destroy Civil War monuments that only portrayed truth and heroism, other monuments still stand that may have a more sinister history. The Statue of Liberty is no exception. In Brad Metlzer’s Decoded on the History Channel the statue is full of less than honorable codes. You be the judge. You can view this video and more on YouTube. His research is not based on “conspiracy theories” but on facts.

To be the judge of what is really going on in this country, do the research. This puzzle has many pieces and many players. There are specific reasons why other countries are pulling away from the United States.

If you are a history buff like me, I will research anything. Some things are not quite so obvious they are hidden in codes and other methods of deception that you may not even be aware of. I have uncovered things in my family history that I certainly was not expecting and uncovering the real history of this country is no different.

Throw out the history books that you have read and start doing your own research into history. What you find might truly amaze and shock you. Keep an open mind because the TRUTH will set you free.

Painting Pooches!

Well this is a trial and error process as I have never painted that many dogs


This little guy named Oreo made a delightful impression on me recently. When his owner brought him to an auction we attend on Friday nights he just seemed to take to me. I took a few photos of him including the two above in hopes of being able to get enough details to paint him. Here is the result:

Native American Art & More


This was a painting my father did many years. He loved southwestern art and the style seemed to fit him.

After I took the painting to my home recently I noticed several scratches in it that needed attention. I carefully set the large canvas on my easel. While I was hesitant to even touch my father’s work, I carefully mixed and added paint to the scratched areas. I have to say the scratches are no longer noticeable.

A few days ago I uncovered a little known thread in my mother’s genealogy line. Her grandfather had a wife that the family did not know about or they just did not talk about her. She was full blood Cherokee and was listed as a free Indian woman.

While this woman is not in my direct line…I joke and say that is where my wild spirit comes from. All joking aside I have nothing but respect for all of the Native American people of this country.

Celebrate your heritage through art.

Have an awesome weekend!

Charity Crafting

If my hands lie idle…I am probably asleep! While I love doing a lot of different crafts and needlework, it is usually a crochet hook that I pick up. My interest in doing crafts for charity began 14 years ago when my father passed away from cancer. While the two may seem unrelated…they are. My father always encouraged me to express myself through my art and crafts.

Since I had been to the cancer treatment center on several occasions I knew that some patients got very cold during treatments. After my father passed I felt the need to give back somehow so I started making shawls and hats for the patients.

When I took my box load of hats and shawls to the local cancer center they were very excited. So, I continue to do it.

While the yarn above may look too fancy to use it works pretty well but any lightweight yarn will do.

Giving doesn’t have to be expensive. I buy new yarn but I also pick it up at yard sales, auctions and flea markets. As long as the yarn is clean…it’s useable.

The real lesson is if you give of yourself, everyone benefits.

Have a great day.

Precious Memories

While I get there are some people that don’t understand what the civil war was about…it had a purpose.

The remains of my father’s re-enactment uniform.

Slavery was never at the root of the war. It was all about power. Fortunately the slaves benefited from the war while countless farms fell to the yankees and thousands of homes destroyed.

To this day the Civil War is still regarded as the bloodiest war on American soil. Like my father, I respect all those who fought…both black and white. Many of my Confederate and Union ancestors lost their lives in the war. All of their blood ran red regardless of which side they fought on.

Regardless of your personal feelings about the war, it is time to show respect for all of the fallen of that war. We would do well to study their values and way of life.


I am listening to Lady Soul by the Embers. Somehow it seems fitting to be listening to something old as my sister and I prepare to close today on the family home. While the music soothes my nerves it also reminds me of the good times my family and I had at the beach.

I can’t bring my parents back but I can remember the best of them. Lately with the state this world is in I have also been reminded of the values they taught me that other people don’t seem to have. While we did not always see eye-to-eye, we did always have respect for each other.

So today as we make an important step toward the closure of our parents’ estate, we will also find some closure ourselves. We have walked away from the homeplace feeling good that we “did right by them” as my Dad would say. While for the most part we have moved past the grief we can now move forward in our individual lives.

We will move forward and show the world that the best of us is yet to come!

God bless each and every one of you. The fact that you have tolerated my rants about life just makes you a part of my circle of friends. Thanks for reading and following me on my journey of life.

Camping – Today’s Report Part 2

Well it was cool here this morning so we got a late start venturing out. Limiting our outings because of the limited gas supply but still enjoying our time away.

Tried to go fishing at Lake Wilson but fish did not cooperate still we had a fun time here. Beautiful little spot God created here. Here are the pics of Lake Wilson:

There were quite a few people here just walking around the lake.

Continue to follow our camping journeys. Have a great day.