The Meaning Of Love

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not about romance or is it? When God created man I’m sure he had a lot of hopes and dreams for what man would accomplish. Imagine now the beautiful garden of eden and then there was man! God then realized man could not exist on his own so he yanked out a rib and created woman.

The woman was the opposite of man in areas that made them a perfect fit. This was no jigsaw puzzle but a creation of design. Then Eve screwed up and listened to the serpent who was also male. You got it, disaster struck! That was just the beginning of conflict between men and women.

Well man gets off scott free while woman is cursed with childbirth. While Eve became a devoted wife and mother she set the tone for the women that followed her in her faithfulness to God and her obedience to man. But you know the old saying “behind every good man is an even better woman” proved to to be true.

Despite the fact Eve made a terrible error in judgement, she proved to be a great example of love. That love was certainly tested when Able died. What was this thing called love that in a fleeting moment it could rip your heart to shreds. When her son Seth was born she again found that deep emotional love..

Through generations that followed women stayed in the background but were a driving force. Moses might not have ever gone to the mountain had his wife not encouraged him to draw closer to God…the Jews would still be in bondage without her. George Washington might not would have been the leader that he was had it not been for Martha. The deep emotion of love can be a beautiful foundation. Women have been the carriers of the torch of love but that doesn’t mean that men don’t feel love.

Some of the greatest musical scores were about love and were written by men. Women love long but men love hard.

These days that power and beauty of love is fading. The future of this country and our planet cannot continue to exist unless we go back to that one simple emotion and allow ourselves to love. The Bible puts it simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Make no mistake you are not always going to like the person next to you but you have to look past that and share a moment of love. It can be powerful!

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

The Meaning Of Love

As we approach Valentine’s Day I thought the meaning of love would be a good subject to discuss. In Webster’s New World Dictionary the word love is defined as follows: 1) strong affection or liking for someone or something 2) a passionate affection of one person for another 3) the object of such affection; a sweetheart or lover. Now taking that in consideration, in the Bible there are two and a half PAGES of references to the word Love.

As a child if you were raised in a good home you were shown love and taught love. As a teenager and young adult you were seeking the romantic love. As an older adult when the children have left home you begin to search for spiritual love.

Love is not something you can buy! While the Valentine goodies and flowers are nice they cannot come close to the value of love. While it seems at times to be a daily search to find the perfect way to show our love, we fail to simply acknowledge it.

The love of a child is so precious. We give so much of ourselves to show our children we love them and it pains us so much when we have to discipline them. It is funny that we can love our children instantly and unconditionally.

Love however between adults is not as simple. Physical attraction may be what brings two people together, but that is not the glue that keeps them together. Finding common ground and interests begins to build a connection. As a relationship grows you find you begin to give more of yourself. When you can give up enough of yourself to unite you as one then you can say you have found love.

Lastly but most importantly, there is spiritual love. This I really should have put first as the love of God should always be first in your life. God is the giver of life and love. As we all have to sacrifice for love, God gave the ultimate sacrifice when he sent his son to be crucified on the cross.

While we are living in a time of evil, ultimately the power of love and the love of God is the only thing that will see us through this painful period of life. Even on your darkest days, REJOICE because God is that much closer to you!

While my husband and I have been married 34 years, we have had our share of challenges but we still love each other and support each other.


Tree Of Life

We start out in life as part of a small family unit. We have parents and siblings. As we grow our lives develop much like a tree that has many branches as shown in the image. The right half depicts our family life while the left half depicts our work life.

So many times the left half overshadows the right half and the tree begins to sway. Finding balance is important to a healthy home life. I know in my family as a child I remember seeing my father sometimes only late at night because he was so focused on financial security and being sucessessful. While success and prosperity are important, it is the pursuit of these that can sometimes rock the life boat. It is worth it in the long run to make that extra effort to give of your time and yourself.

On the family side of the tree, as we grow we participate in dating to find that perfect spouse. The pursuit of perfection sometimes leads to bad choices. You don’t have to settle for second best but you should settle for who is best for you. Making a choice should not be about looks but about two people who communicate well, offer attributes that are beneficial to the other, and similar views and values.

Now we are on to the marriage. Marriage should not be entered into casually, but because the love and desire is mutual for a more permanent lifestyle. Marriage can be truly amazing among two people who have the right components or a life in burning hell for those who don’t. I have experienced some of both.

When you are married to the right partner, there is nothing you can’t conquor together. When you are not, each day is a battle that will probably never be won. Just imagine it as stock that has turned out to be a bad investment.

Last but not least comes the children. There is nothing more wonderful than holding your first child in your arms. That being said, it takes all that you have in you not just to give birth but to raise that child into what we hope will be a responsible human being.

Now you see that big word at the top of the tree, LOVE. The Bible tells us:

And so faith, hope, love abide [faith-conviction and belief respecting man’s relation to God and divine things:hope-joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation;love-true affection for God and man, growing out of God’s love for in but the greatest of these is love.

If we allow ourselves to LOVE, then all things are possible.

Life, Love And The Pursuit Of Happiness…

Life: Life now has changed drasticlly over the past eight months. We have become a faceless society because of the hysteria of Covid-19. Because a common criminal lost his life unnecessarily, there are those who dispect our law enforcement. The BLM airs commercials that say “only black lives matter” when God says “all lives matter”. The Democrats try to impeach a President who is fighting for all people and when that fails they continue to show disrespect. At an early age most of us were taught to “play nice in the sandbox” and yet look at how our politicians act. Our world is being plagued with disease and environmental distruction. And yet there is still hope! Still hope that peace will prevail, that people will go back to the values that they were raised with, that they will learn to respect each other and our environment. Life will go on.

Love: While there are all types of love, the love of God is the most important. God in his infinite wisdom has tried to teach us all love. Love is not always perfect nor is it always kind or forever. What it is though is about giving of ourselves. When we love it is not only emotionally satisfying but also has positive health benefits. Regardless of whether your love is directed at your significant other, children or family members, it can be a powerful thing. It satisfies the endorphins in our brain to make us happy.

Pursuit of happiness: Even though the pursuit of happiness is a personal goal, it is also our legal right as stated in the constitution. Regardless of what control our government tries to exercise over us, we have the right to pursue happiness. We have the right to find that one thing that meets our ultimate goal. Regardless of whether you are the CEO of the wealthiest company in the country or a homeless person in the slums of a small town, you still have the right to pursue happiness. Who says that homeless person can’t achieve success? Just because someone is wealthy doesn’t make them happy or successful. That homeless person can find a home but that rich executive may not necessarily find peace of mind. What makes you happy? It doesn’t matter if it pleases other people as long as you don’t do harm to others. Find what matters to you!

Have a great day and be happy!