Pet Massage

I should have done a video for this but while my Roco loves a massage he is also very hyper making him hard to photograph. I will try to give as much detail as possible.

Depending on the temperament of your dog, you should be able to massage from snout to tail. You can do it with the dog sitting or standing.

Starting with the snout, take your second finger and middle finger on each hand on each side of his nose and rub in a circular motion not pressing hard but just enough you feel the skin move slightly and you can feel the muscles throughout the body. Move down slowly toward the eyes. They love massage around the ears. Continue with the two fingers around the front of the ears while adding your thumb to massage the back of the ears.

Continuing with your entire hand open and fingers apart you are going to move each finger in a circular motion around the back of the neck and down the back working from the spine and down the sides.

Just a gentle rubbing of the tail is usually sufficient. Massage of chest and belly are optional.

These methods can also be adapted for your felines. For the same reasons humans enjoy massage it has health benefits to both you and your pet.

While Roco does have a Vet that he sees when necessary, I have found there are a lot of things I can manage myself and more naturally.

Too often I hear people say “they are just dogs”….careful that “just a dog” might just save your life one day so give him a little respect.