Morning Delight

I have been waiting patiently for a particular lily in my yard to bloom. She has been watered and talked to and pampered more than any other plant in my yard. When my husband took the dog out this morning I heard him holler for me to come to the backyard. I threw on my clogs and out I went. He pointed to the particular lily in question. There she was…not partially open but in her full glory. Here are different shots of her for you to enjoy. Keep in mind this is a very large bloom approximately 6-8″ across.

Hope you enjoyed my morning delight. Have a wonderful day.

More Forgotten Photos

While cleaning out more space in my office I found another photo CD that I had apparently forgotten to transfer to my computer. These pictures were taken with my manual Canon AE1 so it had been a while since I had seen these.

I have photographed a lot of waterfalls. I think this is Hanging Rock.
From the landing walking down.
Mountain Flowers
A view from the mountain top.
Clouds starting to roll in.

Thank you for stopping by. God bless you all.

Welcome Surprises – When Missing Photos Appear

While I suddenly feel the need to purge a lot of things, I came across a Walmart CD that contained pictures. Of course I had to pop it into my drive to see exactly what was on it. It contained pictures of a friend’s children and horses that I took probably more than ten years ago. I will only show the horses and other pictures out of respect for their privacy.

Above picture is the top of Pilot Mountain and this is the view looking down.

Hope you enjoy. Funny how things appear just when you need something to write about.

God bless and have a great day.

My Lens And Me

While I have not had a lot of time for photography lately, I still try to get in a few pics. It is the simple things in life that lead you to reflection.

A single turtle resting on a limb.

The catfish pond.
South end of pond.
A stray bird who has lost his way…
Last but certainly not least, the bells now sit silent after Sunday service.

Praying your day will be bountifully blessed!

A Cloudy Sunday Morning

My husband hollored at me from the back door….

I had not been up long. My husband opened the back door to let the dog out and yelled “you should take a picture of this”. So I grabbed my camera and went to the back door. The fog was so dense all I could see clearly was the end of my yard. I went to the back of my lot to get this shot.

This is on the opposite side of my yard. Weather conditions are great for creating a delusion. Looking at this shot don’t you feel like the world just ends at the horizon.

Even in questionable or bad conditions you can get decent shots. I have gotten out in the rain, snow and even during the eye of a hurricane to get that one shot that might have a little something different.

Happy shooting and God richly bless you this day.

Behind The Cover

In fragile condiiton, it still holds the key to the world.

While at one time the cover on this book was very detailed, but now as all things age it is slowly turning to dust! You note there is no title on the cover. Do you know what it is? I purchased this book at an auction probably 25 years ago. It was in fragile condition even then. I have pulled it off my shelf over the years and moved it about my house. Today when I was moved to open it I was shocked at how much it had deteriated.

I am a collector of many things one of which is Bibles. Yes this is an antique Bible. I took a few pictures from its pages before it can no longer be open. Even if you are not a believer I encourage every single person to read a Bible of your choice. Within its pages are stories of not just God and his son Jesus but also great historical events. The Bible is a history book and one that as of yet cannot be disputed. Here are the unique things about this particular Bible:

This was found just inside the book.
This was written by the receiver of the book which gives you a clue as to its age.
Because of its age all of the pictures are black and white and very detailed.
This shows the actual date of 1844. Yes it is 177 years old.

While this book never belonged in my family I have tried at times to locate any descendent of the family without success. I am a lover of antiques but more importantly I am a lover of the Bible.

Have a blessed day.

More Archive Photos

Well, for more than a week now we have had nothing but rain and more in the forecast. You know what that does for your ability to get in any photography. So, here are more from my archive file.

A rose has long been a symbol of love but its fragrance is equally desirable. It petals can be used for everything from crafts to teas.
I am not much of a beach person now, mainly because I spent so much time at the beach when I was younger. This was something I did capture on one of my rare trips.
As I have stated many times, I am a waterfall addict. I have shot mere trickles and triple falls. If it has water running through it, I will probably shoot it.
As much as I love flowers, I really don’t shoot that many of them. I guess it is the fact that I don’t like the mundane. I really have to get that unique shot for it to appeal to me.
Here’s another waterfall. The water itself was not that impressive but it was very high. If you are into waterfalls here are some you should check out: NC – Dupont Forest, Hooker Falls, Triple Falls & High Falls; Kentucky – Cumberland Falls; Virginia – Cranberry Falls.

Thank you for taking this adventure with me. Even if the weather is crappy outside, let the sunshine in your heart. Have a great day.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Not to worry this is not really about politics. The title stems from an old western movie but one I have used on occasion. It is not hard to define who the bad are! The ugly of course refers to our current situation. Now that we have gotten those two out of the way lets look at the good that we should be focusing on.

Good – Putting God first! Regardless of your faith or even the lack of… it is time to put God first. Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom did that very thing regardless of how devout their religion was. Their intent was to build this country on a solid rock! It was important after war to start this nation in a positive way.

Good – Family. Most of us have one. While I don’t support some of the family units in this country, it really boils down to unity. It goes back to creation, God did not want Adam to be alone in the world so he created Eve and you know the rest of the story. The point being this world began with a family unit. And yes, there is good, bad and even ugly in most families. It is not something that most people want to talk about but it exists. More important than anything is how we keep the family unit together. That goes back to Putting God First!

Good – Country – And there again I am not talking about our situation I am referring to the land itself. We are blessed to live in the most varied and beautiful land in the world. We have not done a very good job of taking care of it but it still exists. As a photographer and avid camper I can tell you I have been in some breathtaking places in this country like this:

Don’t focus on the negatives but drive yourselves to the positive. We still have our families, the land and more importantly God!

Have a blessed day!

Today’s Shoot

Well when I got out today to find something to shoot there was very little to be found but hope you enjoy.

This grey Crane was only about 2000 feet from my house. Have never seen one this close before.
Found this interesting only because of the cannon.
Sun was in the wrong position to shoot this but I find old delapidated houses interesting.
And lastly I love shooting anything farm related.

Have a wonderful day.