Fall 2021 – Part 1

I love the fall of the year for many reasons. Mainly because of the change to cooler weather and change in natural color.

This little statue is a recent addition to my yard. An auction find of only $3 that just light up my yard. The mums in the background help too.
Yesterday this appeared in my yard next to my statue.
A little bit of color is immerging everywhere around my yard.
Even the fields on this cloudy day had a hint of color.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

This Old House – A Blink Of The Past

This old house on a forgotten road, sits quiet and lifeless don’t you know. It’s curtains are tattered, withered and worn. A tribute to a life but now forlorn.

Who lived here I must ask, a doctor, lawyers, or aristocrat. Did a civil war soldier on a dark day did lie on it’s porch to rest to stay out of the rain.

If it could just tell a story of what it’s halls hold. The laughter, the tears, the stories of old.

Where there sounds of children that once played here. The laughter while playing games or just simple tears.

Houses like these that are quiet and still, but they still have a story just ask if you will.

A Window Into Heaven

This morning, like a lot of mornings, I went out on my back deck to greet God. For a change it was nice out. With camera in hand I got these few shots.

Eastern Sky
Heaven’s Window

Eyes Of God

I have been called smart by some and crazy by others. First and foremost, I am faith driven. As an artist I guess I tend to see things differently than a lot of people but I consider that a good thing.

These photos are simple enough but the feeling I get when I take them is much for complex. Daily we are reminded of God’s love even though we may not even realize it.

Just for one day, make a note of how God presents himself to you. Use your senses to identify that small miracle, feeling or event that could not be explained any other way.

Don’t be so busy in your life that you fail to acknowledge the presence of God in your life because he will remind you he is there! Now more than ever as we fight a spiritual war it is important that God’s people unite together! It doesn’t matter what your race is, what you normally believe, what your sexuality is, it matters that you stop what you are doing right now and ask for God’s forgiveness. Ask him to be a part of your life. Ask him to walk with you through this spiritual war so that you won’t be alone.

God is not too busy for you….don’t be too busy for him.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

What Did My Lens See Today?

Actually I shot this last evening but could not resist including it because it reminds us of God’s love for us.
Forgive me if I shoot a lot of barns as they are quickly becoming extinct.
Abandoned 2
Shooting this old store really took me back to my childhood when we used to walk a quarter mile from my house down to the old country store…good memories.
School Days

Hope enjoyed this Sunday outing with me. Have a great day and don’t forget to like and share this blog with all your friends.

Honoring Our Fallen

While I have been busy with crafts and other things, I have also pondered what to write about. I don’t like to just throw things into a blog but to find things meaningful to write about. Maybe I don’t write every day, sometimes not even every week, but I hope my few posts have meaning for you in some small way.

As you have seen in previous blogs I am a history buff. Yesterday I went and took a few pictures of our Confederate monument which our evil government moved from its original location so that it would not offend anyone. It offended me and hundreds of other loyal patriots that love this country. They stuck it out among trees away from public view. They have greatly dishonored those that this monument represent. It doesn’t represent any particular race, it represents the hard cold battle that was fought on our soil to maintain control of their land and their inheritance. I don’t care whether you think the war was right or wrong, just respect those who died that we might live!



The next time you see a civil war monument, don’t just turn you nose up at it and walk away…..take a moment and take it in and then research it. You just might learn something of value!

Have a great and blessed day.

PS I have visited many monuments and stood at the graves of great heros.

Morning Delight

I have been waiting patiently for a particular lily in my yard to bloom. She has been watered and talked to and pampered more than any other plant in my yard. When my husband took the dog out this morning I heard him holler for me to come to the backyard. I threw on my clogs and out I went. He pointed to the particular lily in question. There she was…not partially open but in her full glory. Here are different shots of her for you to enjoy. Keep in mind this is a very large bloom approximately 6-8″ across.

Hope you enjoyed my morning delight. Have a wonderful day.

More Forgotten Photos

While cleaning out more space in my office I found another photo CD that I had apparently forgotten to transfer to my computer. These pictures were taken with my manual Canon AE1 so it had been a while since I had seen these.

I have photographed a lot of waterfalls. I think this is Hanging Rock.
From the landing walking down.
Mountain Flowers
A view from the mountain top.
Clouds starting to roll in.

Thank you for stopping by. God bless you all.

Welcome Surprises – When Missing Photos Appear

While I suddenly feel the need to purge a lot of things, I came across a Walmart CD that contained pictures. Of course I had to pop it into my drive to see exactly what was on it. It contained pictures of a friend’s children and horses that I took probably more than ten years ago. I will only show the horses and other pictures out of respect for their privacy.

Above picture is the top of Pilot Mountain and this is the view looking down.

Hope you enjoy. Funny how things appear just when you need something to write about.

God bless and have a great day.