A Stitch In Time …Quilting

Today I finished my biggest project to date, a full size quilt. Take a peak.

Chicken Quilt

While it has not made it to my bed yet because I literally just finished it minutes ago but was so excited about its completion I wanted to share.

While I get it is not a complicated pieced quilt, and I have done those, this one has gotten me through this nightmare that we have endured the last few years.

Yes I can hear the comments now, “It took you two years to complete I could have made several in that length of time”. Yes, I get it could have been done quicker. Let me explain, this is not my only hobby and was not my only project. This was also not quilted on a frame but in my lap. The squares and borders were sewed together a row at a time after the individual squares were quilted.

It has not been a complicated project but a labor of love. Love of the art of quilting. I actually acquired the fabric for this quilt several years earlier on a camping trip to the mountains. We landed in Marion, NC. It is a quaint small town that has barn quilts on almost every single building. In addition to being a great photo op it gave me the opportunity to drop by their little quilt shop.

For two years the fabric sat in my stash of other potential quilt options. When Covid hit I said it was the perfect time to start the quilt. Striving for perfection was not the objective, just to get a finish during a stressful time was the goal. So that I would not get stressed over the quilt I also worked on other projects.

Two weeks ago my husband says to me “Are you ever going to finish that quilt”. He was anxious as well to see it complete. So I put my other projects aside and finished seaming the last row of blocks. The last two days have been spent gently binding edges. This morning my husband cooked breakfast. When he brought breakfast to me, I was in my office where I could watch the birds and our favorite rabbit. Again the quilt bundled in my lap would probably look a “hot mess” to most people. I proudly showed my husband the last few stitches I had to make. And his remark, “Are you going to sell it?” No I responded because two years of my life was tied up in this quilt!

It might be a while before I undertake another project like this but do plan to make some lap quilts for donation.

If you have never quilted but would like to learn check out your local community College, quilt shops or center for the arts for classes.

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Have a great and blessed day.

From Rags To Bags

At a time when luxuries are out of the question, I try to recycle when possible. Here’s a recycle that is both practicle and completely free.

This piece of appliqued denim was formerly a section off the bottom of a midi skirt from the 80’s. The size of the applique dictated the size of the bag. After squaring off the block I rounded the corners at the bottom slightly. I then used this piece to cut the back and the lining sections. I then cut from the remaining denim I had about a two inch strip that would go about the bag section to form bottom and sides. Make sure you also cut this from your lining fabric. For strap cut another two inch strip for your desired length. Stitch the appliqued section and the matching back section to the side strip being careful to follow the curve at the bottom. For the strap, fold and stitch the length and turn. Press flat after turning and top stitch each side of the strap. Stich the strap ends between the denim and the lining. Folding the top of the denim and lining under, stitch all the way around the bag making sure you catch the straps in place.

While this project was time consuming, it was still fun.

Hope you enjoyed this project and that you will create a recycle bag if your own.

God bless and keep stitching.