Last Trip Of The Season – Oriental, NC

As the sun breaks over the field, we prepare for our last camping trip of the season.

A short one hour away we park our RV in a quaint no-frills campground at Oriental, NC. This is not a place for everyone. There are no fancy shops, not a lot of buzz, not even really a town. While there are a lot of things its not there are still pluses to this little community.

There are a few good restaurants like the “Our State” favorite The Silos. The one we liked the best was The Brantley which had a great buffett at an actual decent price. Both were within walking distance of our campsite.

I remember this community as a child as just a small community across a small bridge. There was little scenic about it and certainly no restaurants or little else. Oriental now has grown into still a small but attractive place on the map. What it lacks in frills it offers in warmth. The people were welcoming and sometimes entertaining. Here are a few pics from my journey to Oriental.

It was a cloudy day.
The cloudy day did not stop this kayaker.
While there were a lot of sailboats docked, this was one of the few that ventured out.
Even Roco man liked his stroll along the beachfront.
View from the bridge.
Oriental is the sailboat capital of the east.
This little barn was on the main street just waiting to be photographed.
Red Fox Stables
Side view – Red Fox Stables
As a former owner of horses I could not help but capture these beauties.

Thank you for taking this journey with me to Oriental, NC. I hope in some small way I have captured its beauty and warmth. On a quiet day when you have nothing else to do take a chance and find that one spot on the map that calls to you.

Have a great day and God bless each and every one of you.

Mountain Journey Continued

This was the little cabin we stayed in.

Our journey this week began in this little cabin at Mountainside Cabins. We normally travel in an RV but when our refrigerator died, we decided to rent this little cabin instead of waiting to repair our fridge.

Our pathway to adventure.

This one-lane road, which proved to be one of many, lead us up a mile to our cabin. Along the way were these colorful trees along with christmas trees on the side.

This was one of the larger cabins.
It wasn’t hard at all to find christmas trees. They are already starting to cut them.
There were lots of ponds.
Views from Doughton Park Overlook
A view from the pond in front of our cabin.
No mountain trip is complete without a stream.
Hopefully I will get to pain this one sometime in the future.

Hope you enjoyed these few pictures of our mountain journey.

Oh and meet our furbaby Roco. He didn’t hesitate to claim the deck chair for his own.