Journals…a path of explanation!

I know it has been days since I blogged, but I feel like it is not enough just to tap some keys. Finding something worthy to write about is always the delima. The days are so hot I have not even pulled my camera out. My RV is still sitting idle in my yard because getting out in the heat is so undesirable.

Still, I am so grateful for life! While the summer months are not my favorite time of the year I still try to make the most of them. The morning hours are my most productive. While my dog woke me up so that he could make his visit outside, my only desire at that moment was for a cup of java. Thankfully his visit was short and sweet and then he jumped up on the couch and went back to sleep.

My husband was still asleep so I tried to be as quiet as possible. With cup in hand I came here to my office to have some quiet time. I always try to start my day by taking a few minutes to talk to God. Just those few moments of meditation can make the difference in how my day continues.

Today’s topic is about journalling. While unfortunately I am not real consistent about journalling I do believe it serves several purposes. It is a good way just to get through difficult times in your life. If you journaled during the lockdown of covid then you can relate to what I mean. It is a way of putting down on paper/or digitally your thoughts and breaking down even your most intimate fears. For me it is a way of documenting brief thoughts or bits of information that I might be able to use at a later time. I do a lot of research and some days my head is just so full of information that journalling is some times the most logical way of sorting out those details.

The traumatic times that we are living in now are worthy of journalling. Never before has our faith been so tested and our lives threatened. Each day as a way to deal with this every changing world write down your feelings. You don’t have to be a great writer, it is just important as a coping tool that you get those feelings out. We have to stay united with family and friends. To do that in a positive way it is important to have a place for any negative feelings. Keep ties with your family and friends a place of love. If you are having a bad day…don’t spread that negativity…document it. You will find that when you write it down it is just like you have had the conversation without hurting anyone’s feelings.

There have been some great books that started out by journalling. While you might not be trying to write a novel, you will find it useful. A year from now if you wanted to look back at what the year 2021 looked like and what you did…you have it in writing.

As a genealogist I often journal as a way of sorting out details and connecting the dots. While Ancestry and other sites do a great job of collecting data the links are not always accurate. When I journal any questions or data it makes it easier for me to go back later and pinpoint any errors in linkage.

If you looked at my journal you would probably say “oh what a hot mess” but it does have its purpose. While the scribbled notes may have no meaning to others they are an ends to a means for me. They turn the illogical into logical.

Sort out your thoughts, feelings, events, all into one space.

Have a great day!

Pen To Paper

I started writing many years ago. During times of stress I wrote more and usually better. When words escaped me I learned not to force them.

In 1994 when my husband and I were on the way to Nashville to do a TV show, I reached into my purse for something and found a piece of paper with a few sentences scribbled on it. I grabbed an ink pen and was motivated to add words on the wrinkled piece of paper. That piece of paper became my first song.

While any dreams of singing fell by the wayside as I pursued other interests, I often think back to that day when I was first inspired to write.

While I never had enough interest to record any of them, I wrote 56 song lyrics after that. They are in a collection at the Library of Congress. While I enjoyed writing the lyrics composing the music was something I simply didn’t have time for.

I am currently writing e-books which is more suitable to me. Currently for sale on the Barnes & Noble website is my first novella. Hope you will check it out here. Novellas are short and easy to read. Maybe one day I will complete that BEST SELLER but for now I am happy just to finish something.

I would appreciate your support by purchasing my ebook.

The Written Word

I am very much an advocate for free speech. After all, social media platforms would have never formed or been so successful if there had been censorship before now. The same Big Tech guys like Mark Zukenburg and Bill Gates that made billions on these platforms have failed to recognize this point and yet they still keep doing it.

The First Amendment as we know it was adopted on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. This later became a part of the Constitution! Why would any company suddenly think they had the right to strip our country of one of our most important rights. They don’t!

It apparently is okay for the Media to exercise their right to free speech regardless of how vicious it is, but the person of the street that voices his/her opinion is suddenly inappropriate! That person and/or our President’s words are wiped off of social media platforms for no reason. It is just a vicious attack that hits right to the core of most people.

Call me mad, crazy or whatever you want but I will continue to support free speech. What these platforms don’t realize is once you put anything on the internet and in particularly on a social media platform it becomes written evidence! I have actually sat in on a court case where conversation between people on a social media site was used as evidence. My point being, not only are you held accountable for what you say so is the site that hosts the platform. While if you threaten someone directly or insight a crime directly on social media they still do not have the right to remove that information because it is evidence! These Big Tech guys are getting themselves in deep water daily because of their vengeful tactics and for what reason….just because they don’t like Donald Trump? They are in so deep they don’t even see their own stock dropping daily! That would certainly make me stop any further action because I hate losing money…not these guys!

Anyway, this is not about politics this is about remaining faithful and standing up for our basic rights. It not only affects social media but our future publishing rights and our right to speak publicly.

I have done like a lot of people and made some changes to steer away from the Big Tech guys so that maybe their pocketbook WILL get a little smaller, their client base a lot smaller to more attractive sites that do not restrict free speech.

In fact I have set out on a new venture. Free speech in all forms is important. I have just self-published a novella and it is on the Barnes & Noble website and you can get to it here:

Just click on the book “Once Upon A Mountain Christmas” to purchase. Thank you for your review and thank you as always for following me.

Support a writer and support free speech!

God Bless You All

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!