Through My Eyes

With aging comes new perspective. Follow me with my daily journey and life as an artist and crafter.

This is my first post.  A little about me.  I am a senior citizen and at 68 while my body may be aging, I still love to try new things and experience all that life has to offer.  My loves in life are my family, photography, art, crafts, camping, music and any other mischief I can get into at my age and get away with it.

I am a nut for cloud formations.  As an artist I try to make anything look good.  Being artistic brings out something in me that nothing else does.  This is just the beginning so I hope you will keep coming back to see what I am into.

Fall 2021 – Part 1

I love the fall of the year for many reasons. Mainly because of the change to cooler weather and change in natural color.

This little statue is a recent addition to my yard. An auction find of only $3 that just light up my yard. The mums in the background help too.
Yesterday this appeared in my yard next to my statue.
A little bit of color is immerging everywhere around my yard.
Even the fields on this cloudy day had a hint of color.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Down The Proverbial Rabbit Hole

Yes I know, it’s not really a rabbit hole. It is really an expression to say I am following a trail that may lead to nowhere. For months I have been following patriots and “truth seekers” on a journey that has truly led to nowhere so far. What it has done for me though it has lead me on a quest to seek a stronger sense of self and my own consciousness.

While some of my investigation into what is going on around the world has proved to be alarming at best, it also asks the question “how good could this world be if all the evil was gone”.

While there are all kinds of theories as to what the future will look like, I believe in basing things on fact and not theories. Yes, a lot of facts have either been covered up or destroyed.

Take the Bible for instance. I have always known the Bible was not complete, some don’t they just take it at face value. That does not mean the existing Bible doesn’t give us clues as to what lies ahead. I have read the Bible cover to cover and still I find I have missed things.

We all need to come together to promote peace and unity. God will take care of the bad stuff. We cannot undue the child trafficing and the evil that has left its mark on this world but we can make a commitment together to make it a better world, to protect the children now and in the future, to protect the environment that God provided for us, to keep an open mind to what we can accomplish.

It starts with each one of us…”Love one another”.

Have a blessed day.

This Old House – A Blink Of The Past

This old house on a forgotten road, sits quiet and lifeless don’t you know. It’s curtains are tattered, withered and worn. A tribute to a life but now forlorn.

Who lived here I must ask, a doctor, lawyers, or aristocrat. Did a civil war soldier on a dark day did lie on it’s porch to rest to stay out of the rain.

If it could just tell a story of what it’s halls hold. The laughter, the tears, the stories of old.

Where there sounds of children that once played here. The laughter while playing games or just simple tears.

Houses like these that are quiet and still, but they still have a story just ask if you will.

Morning Glory

While I love the early mornings, I am not really a “morning person”. Most days I spend as much time awake at night as I do during the day. That, of course, is a bad habit I am trying to correct.

The one thing I have enjoyed since retirement is “getting back to nature”. I like grounding (going barefooted) on the wet ground. It is not only healthy but gives me a real sense of connection with the earth. I spend some time everyday walking outside. It not only gives me that immunity boost but even fifteen minutes a day walking helps to loosen these old joint.

When I went out this morning there were morning glories in my flower garden. Here is part of my morning:

These petite little blooms peer out from under a bed of green.

Have a wonderful day. Take a moment to enjoy God’s creations.

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A Window Into Heaven

This morning, like a lot of mornings, I went out on my back deck to greet God. For a change it was nice out. With camera in hand I got these few shots.

Eastern Sky
Heaven’s Window

Eyes Of God

I have been called smart by some and crazy by others. First and foremost, I am faith driven. As an artist I guess I tend to see things differently than a lot of people but I consider that a good thing.

These photos are simple enough but the feeling I get when I take them is much for complex. Daily we are reminded of God’s love even though we may not even realize it.

Just for one day, make a note of how God presents himself to you. Use your senses to identify that small miracle, feeling or event that could not be explained any other way.

Don’t be so busy in your life that you fail to acknowledge the presence of God in your life because he will remind you he is there! Now more than ever as we fight a spiritual war it is important that God’s people unite together! It doesn’t matter what your race is, what you normally believe, what your sexuality is, it matters that you stop what you are doing right now and ask for God’s forgiveness. Ask him to be a part of your life. Ask him to walk with you through this spiritual war so that you won’t be alone.

God is not too busy for you….don’t be too busy for him.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

52 Pickup? What Is Your Game?

Where do I begin. Life is like a game of cards in many ways. In the game 52 pickup you just flip the cards and watch them randomly fall through space and on the floor. This one is clearly where we are now. Someone randomly chose Biden to go to Washington and yet he never got there legally, has no game plan, and is lying on the floor waiting to be picked up. This is a lazy man’s game. Not one for a thinker.

Texas Hold’em, not just a poker game but a game of strategy. It is not enough to know the cards or the plays, you need to know your opponent. What will his next move be? What card will be delt next? You have to take what you have and what has been played to make a winning hand. You might say this is the Trump game. Not for the week of mind. It is much like chess in many ways. It takes a person of great thought or maneuver.

Last game to consider is solitare. Some people are happy to play this game as it is basically simple but the cards don’t always fall where they should. This game while mostly controlled lacks intrigue and challenges. Because it is mostly controlled and the cards placed in a simple order, it creates boredom. It becomes like robots because there is little freedom. This game is really known as socialism.

What game do you want to play? I prefer Texas Hold’em myself as I thrive off challenges.

Have a great day.

A Simpler Time

While I enjoy the internet, cell phones and my new car that practically drives itself, there is much to be said for a simpler life. Why do you think so many people have turned to a homesteading/alternative lifestyle? They simply appreciate what God gave us not what man created. Here is my tribute to a simpler life.

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God bless you all.

Flower Pot Crafting Part 2

I apologize for the delay in posting this part. In part one you saw the base for my mushroom/knome house. Now we move forward on making the roof and/or mushroom top. Take a terra cotta drain pan that fits large enough to go past the base of your bottom. (8″ pot 10″ drain pan). Paint the base color, I made mine a kind of murky brown so it would look natural. Not to worry it does not have to look perfect as nature is not perfect. Pain in the circles in a contrasting color, I chose white. Here is what it looks like.

When try place your pot upside down and then add the drain pan on top like this:

To complete this project pray with a water repellant or paint sealer. Thanks for following this craft project.

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What Did My Lens See Today?

Actually I shot this last evening but could not resist including it because it reminds us of God’s love for us.
Forgive me if I shoot a lot of barns as they are quickly becoming extinct.
Abandoned 2
Shooting this old store really took me back to my childhood when we used to walk a quarter mile from my house down to the old country store…good memories.
School Days

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