Through My Eyes

With aging comes new perspective. Follow me with my daily journey and life as an artist and crafter.

This is my first post.  A little about me.  I am a senior citizen and at 68 while my body may be aging, I still love to try new things and experience all that life has to offer.  My loves in life are my family, photography, art, crafts, camping, music and any other mischief I can get into at my age and get away with it.

I am a nut for cloud formations.  As an artist I try to make anything look good.  Being artistic brings out something in me that nothing else does.  This is just the beginning so I hope you will keep coming back to see what I am into.

Thinking Naturally

About fifteen years ago I received my certification as a Doula (a professional advocate in natural childbirth). While I helped a number of families navigate through the natural delivery process, I didn’t realize how much I was helping myself.

While I still find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet, I slowly started changing the way I looked at things in my lifestyle. I was in a stressful job, my father was dying of cancer and the day-to-day struggles of life were overwhelming. I started applying some of the relaxation techniques and other natural theories to myself.

I trashed all over-the-counter medications and started researching natural alternatives. Even in the grocery stores, I began reading labels and opted for non GMO food products. You do not realize how many contaminates you eat daily. I don’t take any medications that are not prescribed and my physician understands my desire for natural substitutions when possible.

Am I healthier than I was before? Yes to some degree. That doesn’t mean I don’t have issues but I have healthier choices in how to handle them.

Start with the basics, the way you breathe. Sit in a comfortable chair, not a lounge chair guys, breathe in slowly for 7 seconds and exhale the same way and relax. Breathing with this method will not only relax you but benefits the lungs. Try this at least twice a day.

Meditation – I was never really a believer prior to my research but now I can say it is beneficial. Sit on the floor in a Lotus position (reference yoga position crossed legs) relax every muscle from your head to your toes. Next clear your mind of all negative thoughts. This is a great opportunity for prayer or music, whatever benefits you the most. I personally do both.

I even apply some of these techniques to my dog. He enjoys a good massage and I try to supplement healthier foods and snacks when possible.

These are just a few of many changes you can start for a healthier lifestyle. Have a great day.

Age – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

This month I am turning 69 and here are my thoughts about aging:

The Good… I don’t have to work again ever, unless I want to. I can sleep all day, drink more coffee, hang out with my dog and husband of 34 years. Say what I think regardless of what it is and not have to apologize for it…besides some nuts will just think I have altheimers, but I don’t. I get more discounts than ever which works for me because I love to save a dime.

The Bad – The budget keeps getting bigger while my social security stays the same. If the Democrats get in office Social Security will come to a screeching halt and I will just go flop my old fat fanny on Biden’s doorstep! While 69 isn’t all that bad it would be a heck of a lot worse if those numbers were in reverse!

The Ugly – While my boobs took a detour a few years back, I don’t have to care anymore whether they are up or down. When I walk now my hips don’t always agree on which way they want to go…..so I just play follow the leader and hope I don’t hit the pavement.

All joking aside, ever age has its good, bad and ugly. We have to meet each day with positivity and hold our head up. God Bless You All!

The Barn Quilt Trail

I have always had an interest in barn quilts. A few years ago I started photographing barn quilts on both the western end and eastern end of the trail.

For those who are not familiar with barn quilts, they were original placed on barns as a sign of welcome and friendship. They have since been recognized as pieces of art.

Western Carolina – Marion/Flatrock Area

Most barn quilts like these are patterned after traditional quilt blocks. Most are constructed of plywood or sometimes barn wood.
Some like these are very whimsical.
While others display information or lifestyles.
There are those that relate to the type of business like these ice cream cones that referenced an ice cream shop that was also housed in this building.
This one captured a moment in time.

These guitars quickly let visitors know where the local music shop was.

Eastern North Carolina – Martin County

This was in a campground.

Thank you for taking this journey with me on the Barn Quilt Trail.

Once Upon A Cloudy Day

Once upon a cloudy day, I drifted down the road a ways

And for a brief moment in time, I forgot about all the negativity in this world there is to find

While raindrops fell to a dusty ground, new life will soon be found.

When through the clouds a ray of sun shines down, to sparkle on the lake of duck down.

So don’t be sad on the next cloudy day, it’s God’s way of giving us a break.

Creating Art & Crafts

I guess I am a strange duck, so to speak, but it is not unusual for me to take something that would be considered a craft and make art out of it.

Hillbilly Madness

I purchased this toilet tissue holder last night at an auction. It was very plain and I just knew I had to give it a new life. To me a house should not be just a house but a structure that should contain pieces that give it character. While I love painting in the traditional sense, I also like doing things like this.

This piece after being stained will be a conversation piece in my guest bathroom.

When you are painting it is sometimes easy to get “stuck in a rut”. It is always good to experiment with different projects and differrent styles. I have been painting a long time but still learn something new when I watch other artists.

Expand your horizon and reach for the stars or even paint a few. Have a great day.

A Song In The Heart

As you already know, I am a photographer and artist. What you don’t know is that I am also a songwriter/poet. While I love to write, I am very critical of my own work. Back in the 90’s my husband and I sang a lot and made several trips to Nashville. While we could have spent the rest of our lives pursuing the “glamorous life” we chose to not go that route because of what it would have taken from our family life.

That being said, I still wrote songs and filed them with the Library of Congress while we opted to perform more locally. Years went by and they just kind of sat in a folder. Kitty Well’s band leader did contact me and wanted to perform one of the songs but he wanted me to pay him…. you can imagine how that converstion went!

Today I am opening that folder just to share. I don’t claim to be a great poet or writer, it’s just something I do.

Autumn Breeze

Gently flows the autumn breeze across the waters of the seas
And while my thoughts cross each wave, I wonder yet of another day

Amidst the waves my eyes adorn, great masses of steel stand guard till morn

Lonely hearts weap inside, while their bodies on the ocean ride
But at last they realize their loved ones soon will be by their side

The battles on land were fought well, and the enemy once again fell

A gentle calm fell over the sea to remind us of that autumn breeze

Black, White & More…a Sunday Venture

As much as we love to travel, now seems to be a difficult time to do that but we don’t let that deter us completely. Unplanned short trips sometimes reap the most rewards. Today we ventured out about forty minutes from our home to the Rock Ridge Community. Below are a few pics from our short adventure.

Home alone… this old structure while not fancy is still a reminder of a previous lifestyle. This was someone’s home.
While this may not look like much to the average eye, I love taking geometric shots. Look at the different lines and angles.
This old barn, while a little different, still made an interesting shot against the soft edge of the flowers on the fence.
A simple pathway can make for a tranquil setting. That is a stream in the background.
This may not be the best shot of the water but it is the overall look that caught my eye. I had to stand at the edge of the road so I could not get a better shot of the water itself. The one thing I value in photography is privacy and respect.
For those who prefer color, here are a few “green” shots.

Hope you enjoyed this journey with me. Don’t be afraid to step out and capture life. Have a great day.

The Identity Of God

In a conversation between Moses and God he identifies himself as “I Am”. In doing that he means he is the one true God, the Creator, the supreme being that has the ability to control all things at his will.

I have heard it said numerous times…”Well if God is so good why do bad things happen”? Some people even think “God is dead!”. I can tell you with absolute certainty that GOD IS NOT DEAD! It is so easy for us to blame God when bad things happen. The negative non-believers are quick to lie, kill, rape and torture others only to blame it on God.

On several occasions I have witnessed the power of God’s love when my mother was at the point of death and then she took a breath. Only God can breathe life into a dying body.

Some will say, I prayed and God didn’t answer. He always answers but sometimes the answer is not what we want to hear. Some will say he is to blame for earthquakes and natural disasters, he is not but he knows of there existence because the Bible tells us these things will occur.

When bad things happen God is not to blame. The blame is the Devil and sometimes mankind. When mankind disobeys there are consequences but I can also tell you I have felt the loving hand of God when I thought I didn’t have a reason to continue in this world.

When little children are taken before their time it is not because God hates them but because he loves them so much he doesn’t want them to suffer. As humans we are sometimes selfish and want to keep our loved ones here even if they have to suffer. That is not God’s plan!

Give God a chance. He also suffered as a parent would when his son was tortured and killed. He knows our every need…trust in him!

Life, Love And The Pursuit Of Happiness…

Life: Life now has changed drasticlly over the past eight months. We have become a faceless society because of the hysteria of Covid-19. Because a common criminal lost his life unnecessarily, there are those who dispect our law enforcement. The BLM airs commercials that say “only black lives matter” when God says “all lives matter”. The Democrats try to impeach a President who is fighting for all people and when that fails they continue to show disrespect. At an early age most of us were taught to “play nice in the sandbox” and yet look at how our politicians act. Our world is being plagued with disease and environmental distruction. And yet there is still hope! Still hope that peace will prevail, that people will go back to the values that they were raised with, that they will learn to respect each other and our environment. Life will go on.

Love: While there are all types of love, the love of God is the most important. God in his infinite wisdom has tried to teach us all love. Love is not always perfect nor is it always kind or forever. What it is though is about giving of ourselves. When we love it is not only emotionally satisfying but also has positive health benefits. Regardless of whether your love is directed at your significant other, children or family members, it can be a powerful thing. It satisfies the endorphins in our brain to make us happy.

Pursuit of happiness: Even though the pursuit of happiness is a personal goal, it is also our legal right as stated in the constitution. Regardless of what control our government tries to exercise over us, we have the right to pursue happiness. We have the right to find that one thing that meets our ultimate goal. Regardless of whether you are the CEO of the wealthiest company in the country or a homeless person in the slums of a small town, you still have the right to pursue happiness. Who says that homeless person can’t achieve success? Just because someone is wealthy doesn’t make them happy or successful. That homeless person can find a home but that rich executive may not necessarily find peace of mind. What makes you happy? It doesn’t matter if it pleases other people as long as you don’t do harm to others. Find what matters to you!

Have a great day and be happy!

Wasting And Creating

It’s not just important how you paint but what you do after you finish a painting. Before I even clean up my workspace, I clean up my palette. Any unused paint is applied to a new canvas, not that it is saving it but it is not at least wasted on your palette. Sometimes I don’t have enough to create another painting but sometimes the waste turns into something like these.

Created from several palette clean ups.

After one clean up…this is an 8×10 canvas.

Another tip, if you are on a tight budget like me you can sometimes buy paint, brushes and even canvases at yard sales and auctions. While higher quality brushes in particular are worth the money, it doesn’t always fit my pocketbook.

Happy painting!