Through My Eyes

With aging comes new perspective. Follow me with my daily journey and life as an artist and crafter.

This is my first post.  A little about me.  I am a senior citizen and at 68 while my body may be aging, I still love to try new things and experience all that life has to offer.  My loves in life are my family, photography, art, crafts, camping, music and any other mischief I can get into at my age and get away with it.

I am a nut for cloud formations.  As an artist I try to make anything look good.  Being artistic brings out something in me that nothing else does.  This is just the beginning so I hope you will keep coming back to see what I am into.

Creative Cures – Filling Needs

As much as I would love to make a ton of money off of my crafts the truth is I give away most things.

My joy is in the making and the giving. The fact that when I give these things away I know they will be cherished and appreciated.

Lap Blankets

I seldom use patterns because I feel like they limit my creativity. These lap blankets may soon warm the lap of a wheelchair bound patient. Just create a simple block and keep adding to it

Jingle Holly

Dolls and bears and dinos galore will one day rest in the hands of children who have lived a less than perfect life.

While I create to fill needs it also keeps my hands busy and my heart full.

If you have a talent, consider using that talent to help others.

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Last Trip Of The Season – Oriental, NC

As the sun breaks over the field, we prepare for our last camping trip of the season.

A short one hour away we park our RV in a quaint no-frills campground at Oriental, NC. This is not a place for everyone. There are no fancy shops, not a lot of buzz, not even really a town. While there are a lot of things its not there are still pluses to this little community.

There are a few good restaurants like the “Our State” favorite The Silos. The one we liked the best was The Brantley which had a great buffett at an actual decent price. Both were within walking distance of our campsite.

I remember this community as a child as just a small community across a small bridge. There was little scenic about it and certainly no restaurants or little else. Oriental now has grown into still a small but attractive place on the map. What it lacks in frills it offers in warmth. The people were welcoming and sometimes entertaining. Here are a few pics from my journey to Oriental.

It was a cloudy day.
The cloudy day did not stop this kayaker.
While there were a lot of sailboats docked, this was one of the few that ventured out.
Even Roco man liked his stroll along the beachfront.
View from the bridge.
Oriental is the sailboat capital of the east.
This little barn was on the main street just waiting to be photographed.
Red Fox Stables
Side view – Red Fox Stables
As a former owner of horses I could not help but capture these beauties.

Thank you for taking this journey with me to Oriental, NC. I hope in some small way I have captured its beauty and warmth. On a quiet day when you have nothing else to do take a chance and find that one spot on the map that calls to you.

Have a great day and God bless each and every one of you.

Crafting On The Road

When traveling it can sometimes be difficult to take your craft projects with you. This one is easy and can be crammed into a gallon size zip lock bag.

This is rag crafting. In the top of the picture is a small square basket that is great for jewelry or small objects. The picture under it is the beginning of a larger basket.

If you can single crochet you can complete these projects and more.

You will need fabric scraps, the longer the better. Scissors for making the starting cuts and a size H crochet hook.

Lay out the fabric pieces you want to use and make a cut no more than 1 inch wide. After making the clip, pull the section that has been clipped to tear lengthwise. After you have lengths of the fabric torn tie lengths end-to-end forming square knots until you have all tied.

Now with your crochet hook you are going to [for proj 1] chain 3 and slip stitch into first stitch. 2. Continue in the round adding stitches where needed to make your piece lie flat. 3. Depending on how many stitches you now have you will now begin to square your project by adding stitches as follows: if you have 20 stitches in your round then in every 5th stitch you will add 2 stitches giving you 3 stitches to form each corner. Continue in this manner for 5 rows. 6. Continue as on previous row except after the corner decrease one by pulling up loops in two stitches instead of one for the sc. This pulls the corner tight and starts to form the wall of your basket.

After you get your wall height to where you want it cut about 3 inches of your working fabric and weave into the basket to finish. Your basket should now look similar to mine…maybe better.

If you do not have the beginning crochet skills, you can find videos on YouTube or Rumble.

This is literally a “no cost” project unless you need a crochet hook and you can even find them at auctions, yard sales and flea markets.

You don’t have to go broke to make great crafts!

Have a great day.

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Crafting One-Of-A-Kind Rugs

In a time of uncertain supply it is important to make the most of what you have. With Christmas coming up I have been contemplating new projects. By a stroke of luck I found a rug canvas at a local auction along with a bag of scraps. Here is what I am working on.


As you can see this canvas had a design printed on it. You could easily design your own using a fabric marker. Here is what you will need:

Fabric scraps ripped into 1 inch width.
A good pair of scissors, crochet hook to tuck in ends and a pack of needlepoint or yarn needles
And of course your rug canvas you can purchase from Michael’s or any craft store. This is pretty inexpensive depending on the size you purchase.

You thread your needle with your fabric and work this project using a basic needlepoint stitch (You can find videos on YouTube).

While this is not a project you will finish overnight it does work up pretty quickly. After you finish your design, select enough fabric of a neutral color to work the rest of the canvas.

Have fun crafting…

Camping In The Hills

Every year I am drawn to the mountains of North Carolina. I think it is a way that God calls me closer to him. This trip we were not able to get lodging were we wanted to be so we settled for Mt. Airy.

The campground was large with the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

While our view was limited…at least we knew they were there.

Here is something else we did not expect to find in this campground…two vintage vehicles.

We decided to drive the short distance to the Blue Ridge Parkway and get a few shots from the overlook.

Pilot Mountain

While I was disappointed that the leaves had not turned, the trip was still worth it. The pond below was just behind our campsite.

The Pond

Steam rising off the pond in the early morning hours.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Fall 2021 – Part 1

I love the fall of the year for many reasons. Mainly because of the change to cooler weather and change in natural color.

This little statue is a recent addition to my yard. An auction find of only $3 that just light up my yard. The mums in the background help too.
Yesterday this appeared in my yard next to my statue.
A little bit of color is immerging everywhere around my yard.
Even the fields on this cloudy day had a hint of color.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Down The Proverbial Rabbit Hole

Yes I know, it’s not really a rabbit hole. It is really an expression to say I am following a trail that may lead to nowhere. For months I have been following patriots and “truth seekers” on a journey that has truly led to nowhere so far. What it has done for me though it has lead me on a quest to seek a stronger sense of self and my own consciousness.

While some of my investigation into what is going on around the world has proved to be alarming at best, it also asks the question “how good could this world be if all the evil was gone”.

While there are all kinds of theories as to what the future will look like, I believe in basing things on fact and not theories. Yes, a lot of facts have either been covered up or destroyed.

Take the Bible for instance. I have always known the Bible was not complete, some don’t they just take it at face value. That does not mean the existing Bible doesn’t give us clues as to what lies ahead. I have read the Bible cover to cover and still I find I have missed things.

We all need to come together to promote peace and unity. God will take care of the bad stuff. We cannot undue the child trafficing and the evil that has left its mark on this world but we can make a commitment together to make it a better world, to protect the children now and in the future, to protect the environment that God provided for us, to keep an open mind to what we can accomplish.

It starts with each one of us…”Love one another”.

Have a blessed day.

This Old House – A Blink Of The Past

This old house on a forgotten road, sits quiet and lifeless don’t you know. It’s curtains are tattered, withered and worn. A tribute to a life but now forlorn.

Who lived here I must ask, a doctor, lawyers, or aristocrat. Did a civil war soldier on a dark day did lie on it’s porch to rest to stay out of the rain.

If it could just tell a story of what it’s halls hold. The laughter, the tears, the stories of old.

Where there sounds of children that once played here. The laughter while playing games or just simple tears.

Houses like these that are quiet and still, but they still have a story just ask if you will.