When Crafting Becomes Therapy

Believe it or not I was not born with a crochet hook in my mouth or a camera in my hand! I was fortunate that my mother taught me how to crochet and sew at a young age. Like most kids after I learned those skills, I laid them down for other things in life.

After I married, the need for those skills reappeared. I did not realize then that having those skills would get me through some very turbulent times.

Money was often tight but I began to see the value of my skills as a hobby and started to save pennies or whatever I could to pay for my supplies. Whether I was sitting at my sewing machine or crocheting a blanket it didn’t take long to realize it was a positive distraction. While my marriage became an abusive relationship, it was my time crafting that saved me emotionally.

As a single mother, life was always a challenge but I funneled any negative emotions through my hobbies. As my child grew so did my list of hobbies. I added knitting, took a quilting and photography class and more. My list has grown a lot since then.

I was fortunate enough that when I remarried it was to a man that could tolerate my obsession. He not only understands my crafting is a passion but also a coping skill. You see I have this little short fuse and used to get depressed so having developed these skills helped both.

After my Dad passed in 2007 of cancer I started making shawls, hats and other items and donating them to our local Cancer Center. Doing this helped me to recover from my grief. The money I put into this is nothing is nothing compared to what I receive.

If you are depressed or just struggling with everyday life, I strongly encourage you to find a hobby. The money you put into it is a lot less than therapy and a lot more fun!

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Have an awesome day!

When God Winks!

You have probably heard the term Godwinks but you may or may not find in your dictionary. Squire Russell who first used the term in one of his books touched on something most of us experience but may not realize it.

Take a moment to really examine your daily life. I don’t mean births, graduations and that kind of thing. I’m talking about those little unexplained moments or periods of time when things appear or happen that can’t be explained through general logic.

Haven’t you ever lost something only to have it reappear in a place where you would have never put it? A check arrives in the mail from an unfamiliar source at a time when you are about to be evicted. Your plans to accept a new job falls through and yet an offer from a source you never considered appears. These are those little miracles referred to as Godwinks.

You don’t have to have a Lazarus event to be reminded that our loving God is always around us. He shows us in these little Godwinks that he provides all things if we just pay attention and acknowledge them.

I have seen a lot of Godwinks in my lifetime. The next time you question how something happened….you may have just been Godwinked!

Have a great day and watch for those Godwinks!

Green County Explorations And More

It is such a beautiful day today my husband and I decided to get out and explore the Green County area. Here are a few shots I got.

Here’s the same barn in B&W

I love these stately old homes.

The real story begins here when we stumble upon this:

I had heard of this place but not nearly enough. We turned in hoping nobody would run us out.

I stopped to take a picture here:

This was a beautiful place with a number of cabins like you see here and some additional building. While I was preparing to get this shot, I heard a pleasant voice behind me say “Can I help you?” I thought, “Oh Lord I was busted”. A delightful young man named Thomas had pulled up in his car. While I told him we had just stumbled onto the property he asked if I knew what it was. I said “Well, I’m guessing it is a youth camp.” He began to tell me with excitement all about the camp.

If you are looking a strong foundation for your children, this is a great asset to building that foundation. The clear proof of that was the way young Thomas talked about this place. There are different camps for different age groups. Your kids will love the adventure, be in a safe place and benefit from Christian love.

If you would like to know more about The Refuge or make a contribution you can check them out at http://www.ncRefuge.org.

We’re glad we found it and hope you will check it out soon. Have a great day!

Good Morning Monday

Last Monday was a horrific day so I decided I was going to make this Monday different. Despite living in an evil world, I try to put my best foot forward. Today I woke at 5 AM, sat on my bed in a lotus position, prayed, did some deep breathing exercises to music and this was my reward:

This was God’s reminder that he can give us the desires of our heart if we only ask with a committed heart. I wanted a peaceful beginning and he certainly fulfilled that.

It is not always what we ask for as it is “how” we ask for it. Instead of just going through life without purpose on that fast treadmill of life, take five minutes to slow down. The world is not going to fall apart if you do. Take five minutes to do whatever calms you and it could alter the outcome of your day.

Isn’t it worth the effort? Have a blessed and peaceful day. Hug someone today and show them you care.

Artful Clouds

This morning when I took my dog out to do “his thing” I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sky.

Yes, you can argue the point that they are just “snow clouds” but my point is God creates art daily. You can say the universe was created by the “big bang theory” all you want to but really take a moment and look at the sky.

On most days we just go through life and don’t even notice. Standing beneath today’s sky I realized how very tiny I was compared to such a massive creation. You say big bang….I say God. Only God with the wave of his hand could create such beauty.

Take a moment or even two and just look at the sky. Really look at the world around you and realize how big it is. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

What My Lens Sees Today

I hope you forgive me for not blogging lately. There just has not been anything “newsworthy” to write about. I mean if you can’t report something nice or exciting or revealing, then why write?

Today when I stepped out onto the new fallen snow, this was the first NORMAL thing that had happened in two years! While my husband always cautions me not to get out, I of course have to do it anyway. With my walking stick in one hand and my camera in the other, I had to at least get my boots wet. My yard is not an exciting place to be but at least it will give you a glimpse into my day.

At least for a brief moment in time, all this is mine. What the fake government does, what is happening around the world, and with a pandemic that should never have happened is not the most important thing. It is life itself, connecting with the earth and people who matter.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to put God first!

Entrelac Crochet

I have been crocheting since the age of twelve. Still, at the age of 70 I am still learning new things and new stitches.

This is entrelac:

While it may not be a fancy lace stitch its uses are varied. After making two sections like this it is about to become a bag for portable yarn projects.

This stitch is basically a version of the afghan stitch worked in multiples of seven. It goes like this: 1. chain 7, pull up loop in second chain from hook. Keeping both stitches on hook continue pulling up loops in remaining stitches until you have seven. 2. Next, yarn over and pull through first 2 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through next two loops and repeat across rest of loops. The picture below shows what your work should look like.

You now have one bar (dark purple) and loops (pink). Without chaining put your hook into the second loop and pull up…

Continue as you began pulling up the seven loops. Next row go back to row 2 and continue in pattern until you have 5 bars.

This completes your first diamond.

With the completion of your first diamond ch 7 and repeat the same pattern until you have 7 diamonds. When your seventh diamond is complete, pull thread through last loop and cut. You will repeat the pick up a new color and attach as follows:

Attach yarn at corner of the last diamond worked and ch 6. Pull up loops as in row one except the 7tb loop will be in the first stitch of the diamond already worked:

Seventh stitch

Continue to complete the 5 bars. When 5th bar is complete slip stitch through loops until you are where you need to be to start the next diamond.

I am not doing videos at the time but feel free to check out videos on YouTube and Rumble on entrelac crochet.

Have a wonderful day.

Christmas Greetings

My Christmas Corner

While the picture is not clear and lacks definition, the meaning is clear. There are gifts galore amidst a less than perfect tree. I too am less than perfect. There is a little village like Bethlehem town and a manger too where shepherds gathered round.

The last two years have been tough on all of us. While some are without jobs and some have lost loved ones, I feel particularly grateful.

My heart goes out to the families that have had a loss. Also to the families hit by the tornadoes while your loss may be great, you are still here.

While the evil in this country tries to tear us apart we will now and forever stand firm in our faith. As we get ready to celebrate with family and friends I hope you really enjoy each and every moment as time is so precious.

Despite the covid threats, don’t be afraid to be with loved ones. The time you spend with them is more important than the virus you may or may not spread. It is time to stop living in the “what if” and start living in the “right now”. The moments you lose cannot be replaced.

I wish you all joy and much happiness now and throughout the new year. Thank you all for following my blog this year and hope you continue into the next.

May God richly bless you and keep you safe.


Collage Drawing

My attention span is very short. In order to expand my drawing skills I started doing this:

I still am in the process of filling in color.

To start this process I started with the little box in the center, added a ruffle on the outside and x’d the center. I then created shapes like the two large butterflies and connected them to the box by way of curvy lines and circles. As the collage expanded I added things I liked or reference to like the car is the same color as my car. The doll next to it refers to my doll collection. The dog is in honor of my dog and so it goes.

I would liked to have colored this with water colors but that is the one medium I have not tried yet. The colored pencils are the easiest but I might draw the next one on canvas and paint it.

I have several of these drawing notebooks in various sizes whose paper is of high quality and will accommodate most mediums including paint. We like to go to auctions and while waiting for the auction to start, you will find me drawing in a smaller version of this notebook.

Have a wonderful day.

Beast of Burden

When you think about Christmas what do you think of? For most people it is gifts and lights and family celebrations.

So many people seem to have forgotten why we celebrate Christmas. I want to take you back now to that cold night. Mary, was riding on the back of a donkey. A simple beast of burden carried this most precious of cargo. He had not eaten or rested, but was proud to perform his duty this winter night.

When it came time for her to be delivered, the donkey was amazed at the sight. Instead of his usual beastly cry he spoke for the first time “Truly God is now on earth”. Even he was shocked. The cows and the lambs bowed down before the holy child whose head was now adorned by a halo of light.

It was a magical night. A night that would never be forgotten. This was not the last task for the donkey however. Some thirty years later one of his sons would be called to duty for another important task. This time it was to carry Jesus to his final destination. That Sunday when palm leaves fell at his feet, was he aware that was Jesus’s last ride? Did he speak a final farewell to our Lord. That answer we will never know.

While there were a lot of people that crossed Jesus’s path, it was the donkey that played a role in both his birth and his death.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.