Morning Glory

While I love the early mornings, I am not really a “morning person”. Most days I spend as much time awake at night as I do during the day. That, of course, is a bad habit I am trying to correct.

The one thing I have enjoyed since retirement is “getting back to nature”. I like grounding (going barefooted) on the wet ground. It is not only healthy but gives me a real sense of connection with the earth. I spend some time everyday walking outside. It not only gives me that immunity boost but even fifteen minutes a day walking helps to loosen these old joint.

When I went out this morning there were morning glories in my flower garden. Here is part of my morning:

These petite little blooms peer out from under a bed of green.

Have a wonderful day. Take a moment to enjoy God’s creations.

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Author: throughmyeyes720

I love art, especially photography and painting. My next addition is crafts or primarily needlecrafts. And as if that was not enough, I am a genealogist.

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