The Alphabet Challenge – A

To get me in the writing mood I decided to challenge myself by writing about a letter from the Alphabet. The logic behind that you ask, well as much as I would like to blog often I am easily distracted.

A as in apple.

This is the apple bread I made for Christmas. I have a nice bread maker but I prefer to make it the old-fashion way….by hand. Fortunately this recipe is not a yeast bread so you don’t have to spend a lot of time kneading the dough.

The recipe for this is not mine but you can download the “Kitchen Book” to get it. I rarely promote apps but I have to say I have really enjoyed this one. It is not just a collection of recipes but it sorts them into favorites and specialty diets like keto.

It’s no secret the apple bread is one of my favorites. I have always been fond of the Amish apple bread and this recipe is very close to that.

Come back soon to see what my next letter is about. God bless you and stay safe.

No Nonsense Meals

I admittedly don’t like to cook! At my age it is more important than ever to eat healthy.

My husband is a great cook but seems to fail miserably when it comes to adding veggies to the menu.

So here is my quick lunch…

Collards & Cornbread

Ok before you turn up your nose at it, it is simple, uses leftovers, and cost pennies to make!

I zapped frozen leftover collards in the microwave. The cornbread was made from a mix (Southeastern Mills Cornbread Mix) and baked in a bread pan at 400 degrees.

It was delicious, nutritional and easy to make.

Have a great day!